At Easyship, we’re proud to have a diverse group of customers. People of all backgrounds, from all over the world use our services. In the past we’ve given special recognition to Black-owned businesses. Now, with Veteran’s day just around the corner, we’re putting the spotlight on military owned and operated entities.

Easyship makes it, well, easy for businesses of all sizes to reach their customers around the world — whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or green. Below, we’ve compiled a list of four eCommerce businesses we work with that provide a variety of products along with their story.

Bare Performance Nutrition Pushes Athletes to Go One More

Maybe you’re embarking on a couch to 5k journey to round out 2020. Or, perhaps, you’re spicing up your quarantine routine of WFC (work from couch) and Netflix with some home workouts is more your speed. Whatever the case, fueling your body is key to establishing healthy, balanced routines.

Enter: Bare Performance Nutrition. Founded by Army veteran Nick Bare, the supplement company is built around the “Go One More” philosophy, which challenges athletes to train a little harder and run a little further each day.

Their line of superfood supplements helps people build muscle, stamina, lose weight and improve their overall athletic performance. The supplements can be purchased as single bottles or in bundles, like the Go One More Stack, Pre-Workout Stack or Daily Health Stack.

BPN publishes recipes and guides on their blog, and has a podcast where Bare interviews athletes and trainers as well as answers questions from customers.

Over on Instagram, the brand’s fitness community comes together to share their fitness journeys, workout videos, and other feats of strength accomplished as they push their performance.

American Military News Reports the News and Sells Merch

Thanks to the internet, we live immersed in a 24-hour news cycle. There’s no shortage of general and niche news websites. In 2015, American Military News launched to be an objective news source on global foreign affairs, current events and military news. According to the outlet's website, their mission is to “report on the people, actions and processes of organizations and governments that wield direct power.”

Taking integrity seriously, the brand sells historically accurate pieces. For example, the brand sells commemorative coins marking important dates like Iwo Jima and Normandy.They also have a generous return policy, noting that anyone can issue a return if they’re unhappy.

The brand is mostly news focused, that said. They use social media, like Instagram, to share news information rather than promote products.

The Baby’s Brew Makes Life Easier for New Parents

If you’re hungry, so is your baby. In a split second, your cooing infant can launch into a tantrum in a restaurant while you desperately search through the diaper bag, looking for their bole. Only when you find it, it’s contents are far too cold for your child.

Alaina Moulton knows this maddening feeling all too well. She and her husband love to spend time outdoors, visiting new places. But the anxiety she felt around finding a way to feed her newborn warm formula, milk, or water while out and about briefly left her homeward bound. But she didn’t want to let her fear stop her. Instead, she solved the problem she faced by creating a business — correctly recognizing she wasn’t the only new parent facing this anxiety. That’s how The Baby’s Brew was born.

The Baby’s Brew is a portable, battery powered bottle warmer. With a battery life of eight-12 hours, is perfect for parents on the go. The warmer has a BPA-free silicone cover that can flex to bottles of many sizes and a stainless steel plate that heats up the botlle’s contents in 10 minutes or less. It can also flex to your baby’s specific needs, with four distinct temperature settings.

The business also has a focus on community. The Baby’s Brew is military owned and operated, and offers a discount to military personnel, first responders and government employees. To redeem the discount, those eligible must verify their affiliation with GovX ID. The brand also works to build community online, where it uses its Instagram to share parenting advice, product tips and tricks and offer a space for new parents to connect

Savage Tacticians Puts Comfort First

Is there anything worse than an ill-fitting button-up shirt? Too-tight sleeves constrict your movement, gaping buttons make you self-conscious and a short hemline is all kinds of awkward for doing things other than sitting at a desk. Savage Tacticians posits that people who live an on-the-go lifestyle shouldn’t sacrifice comfort or style.

The Wilmington, North Carolina-based company was founded by Kevin Ullman. Before he was an entrepreneur, Ullman served as a Marine for 8 years. After completing his service, Ullman worked in private security. That inspired him to start his first business in 2015: VetLife. Through VetLife, he sold clothing with a military-inspired theme. This business would eventually evolve into Savage Tacticians.

Savage Tacticians hasn’t veered too far from that original intention. Today, the brand sells graphic tees, hoodies, jackets and sporting apparel, still taking design cues from the military. The veteran-owned company also makes custom screen printed apparel.