Key Points

  • Virtual phones enable phone calls and text messaging via the cloud and the internet
  • Users can use virtual phone systems on both mobile and desktops
  • It allows for third-party integrations to improve productivity

Communication within the workspace is gradually changing. Many businesses are switching to remote operations, and not every employee has to be onsite to carry out their duties. But this change leaves small business owners questioning how they communicate with employers.

Virtual phone systems are paving the way for easy communications among staff members of enterprises. Whether your employees work in the office or home, you can keep contacts going smoothly. If you run a small business, you can rely on virtual phone systems to give you a better experience in terms of functionality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Instead of relying on landlines, virtual phones help you stay with your workers via the cloud and the internet, and these systems run effectively on both desktop and mobile systems.

Are you thinking of switching to Virtual Phone Systems? Then you should read this blog post. We have researched and picked the best virtual phone services for small businesses.

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Aircall is a cloud-based app with inbuilt features to aid business conversations. If you have a sales team that constantly needs to be in touch, then Aircall provides enough features to keep your team connected during operating hours. It is easy to set up, and you can activate the app with a few clicks and get your team working.

Standout features of Aircall include the following:

  • A call routing that allows you to direct calls to a team member based on selected features and skills
  • Parallel calling that enables you to start a conversation while putting it on hold
  • Add international phone numbers so that you reach international employees
  • An interactive voice response (IVR) that directs callers to the right team
  • Precise analytics that helps you measure your team's performance in real-time
  • A conference call feature that allows you to host up to five people at a time

Aircall offers many features when compared to other phone systems. Sales and support teams can improve productivity with these features.

It also has up to 60 CRM integrations that work well with other applications for your business. Popular integrations are HubSpot and Shopify. For pricing, Aircall charges $30 per month for a minimum capacity of three users.


GoToConnect comes with features that provide small business owners with a seamless connection experience. With GoToConnect, team members can connect via audio, video, or web channels accessible on desktop and mobile applications.

See features that GoToConnect offers users:

  • A find me, follow me feature that allows you to forward calls to your devices so that you do not miss any work call
  • A team-based call distribution for managing calls
  • Screen share that will enable you to share the contents of your screen with teammates
  • Personal meeting rooms with customizable URLs
  • A reliable customer support system

The features of GoToConnect are almost inexhaustible. And small businesses can get access to all these features by subscribing to one of the two available plans. GoToConnect integrates with third-party apps like Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Azure.

The Basic plan is $22 per month for up to 20 users, while the Standard plan accommodates up to 99 users for $29. It also has a Premium plan with exclusive features at $39.

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Best Virtual Phone Systems For Small Businesses


If you are starting your business with a small-sized team, OpenPhone is a cost-effective virtual phone system that gives you a great connection to oversee and automate workflow. So whether it is for sales, your eCommerce business, or for better customer support, OpenPhone offers you features that you can use to improve day-to-day productivity.

With OpenPhone, you can:

  • Reach international numbers
  • Activate group messaging so that you can talk to many people at a time
  • Transfer text, files, photos, and pictures from device to device
  • Transfer calls from one member to another
  • Get numbers for all members of the team
  • Integrate with applications like Slack, Google Contacts, and HubSpot

OpenPhone is quite affordable at $20 for the Premium plan and $10 for the Standard Plan.


CallHippo is another affordable virtual phone system that offers many optimized features to help business teams achieve and accomplish more tasks by staying in touch. Asides from being easy to use and set up, CallHippo features make it easy for teams to track phones, buy phone numbers, and even add numbers. It is also integrated with Slack, Shopify, and a host of other software and applications needed for the smooth running of businesses activities.

CallHippo helps you get a better workflow by giving features like:

  • Call barging to monitor calls
  • call queueing
  • A tracker to analyze performances
  • Voicemails are received by email so that you don't miss any important message
  • Multi-line systems to handle multiple calls

There are many other optimized features that CallHippo is offering at a minimal price. Small businesses can take advantage to improve productivity. The starting subscription price for CallHippo is $16, and you get more benefits as you scale up.


Dialpad is a virtual phone system that incorporates artificial intelligence to give a wholesome digital workspace experience. It recently launched the Ai CSAT geared towards improving CX (customer experience) and satisfaction with predictive engines.

By using DialPad, you get access to the following features:

  • Ai-enabled video conferencing
  • Ai-enabled contact center and support
  • Transcription of calls send to inbox
  • Integrate apps from your tech stack
  • Ai self-service agents
  • Ai-optimized customer service

Dialpad also allows you to connect on other digital channels like social media. You can also measure insights and operational metrics of your team's workflow. Dialpad pricing plans start at $15 for the Standard plan and $25 for Pro.

How Virtual Phone Systems Work with Easyship

One of the pillars of a well-structured and functioning firm is effective communication. By keeping in touch, workers in a company can collaborate, plan and provide the best possible results to keep a firm running. Virtual phone systems offer small businesses, startups, and enterprises the necessary tools and integrations to improve productivity. These virtual phone services also make it easy to analyze KPIs and productivity metrics to keep business activities moving at a better speed.

While you depend on the best virtual phone systems to upgrade business communication, Easyship provides you with premium tools to improve logistics so that you and your team can work effectively: These tools have been designed to improve workflow:

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Best Virtual Phone Systems FAQ

Are virtual phone systems safe?

Virtual phone systems are safe to use with end-to-end call encryption. This does not, however, mean that they are not susceptible to hackers. For a better experience, follow the security procedures of your virtual phone service provider and invest in good IT security.

What does a virtual phone system mean?

A Virtual phone system is a medium of communication that allows members of a team or business to make phone calls with an internet connection and cloud rather than airtime. Virtual phone systems can be used on both mobile and desktop apps.