Key Points:

  • Warehouse security systems serve as a deterrent against unauthorized access to warehouses
  • Security measures could be by putting surveillance systems in place or having a reliable security team
  • Easyship has warehouse partners on four continents so that they can focus on your business

For small businesses, commercial security is an important topic. Purchasing stock for sales takes a lot of money and is a huge investment. Storing inventory in well-equipped warehouses or distribution centers may not be enough to keep products safe.

There have been reports about theft and break-ins in warehouses. A lack of security in your warehouse can lead to financial loss and the collapse of your business. Therefore, it is important to invest in security for your warehouse.

Your goods and employees are subject to criminal activities without adequate warehousing security. Putting necessary measures in place will, however, save your business. This blog post explores everything you need to know about warehouse security and how to implement the best security solution.

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Why Do You Need A Warehouse Security System?

Without warehouse security systems, companies can run into losses. Business owners cannot afford to undermine the importance of safe-keeping goods in storage facilities.

Warehouse security

For valuable inventory and products stored in bulk, companies worldwide invest in warehouse security to ensure their stock is well protected. Security systems help prevent unauthorized access to warehouses and can give you peace of mind by:

  • Stopping thieves from stealing any products
  • Saving business owners money from needing to replace products

Failure to get warehouse security may cause the loss of goods. It could also endanger the lives of employees working at the facilities. Installing the right security system will go a long way toward avoiding this.

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Top 10 Practices for Establishing Warehouse Security Measures

Business owners can ensure that they have security systems integrated into their warehouses. These security measures could be by putting surveillance systems in place or having a reliable security team. A combination of security solutions can, however, be more effective.

Warehouse security cameras

Security cameras help you and your employees monitor activities in the warehouse at any time. The awareness of the use of security can sometimes serve as a deterrent to thieves. However, this is not always the case. Security cameras can help capture footage of criminal activities and help identify perpetrators.

Warehouse lighting

Along with security cameras, sufficient lighting in warehouses are vital. While security cameras capture and record, lighting makes it easy to spot thieves and recognize them. Warehouse managers should ensure that the lights are kept on to prevent thieves from operating during dark hours.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems alert the security and even the police in the case of suspected criminal activity in a warehouse. Alarms can limit the time the thieves operate or even deter them. Sometimes, the police can arrive at the warehouse on time to apprehend the thieves. Therefore, alarm systems are a good investment for companies considering security measures for their warehouses.

Security controls and security cages

In simple terms, security cages are essential aspects of access control systems. Security cages are often used to protect high-value or dangerous items like guns, pharmaceuticals, and other items from theft. Access controls also enable limited access to personnel and keep unauthorized and unidentified persons restricted.

Regularly test your security systems

Security gadgets are a great way to ensure warehouse security, but is it enough? For these gadgets to provide protection, they must be regularly tested and serviced. Engineers can come to the warehouse periodically to ensure that they are working fine. No one wants a failed security system.

Entryway security doors

The strength of the warehouse doors can give an indication of how secure the warehouse is. Unsecured doors make it easy for trespassers to gain entrance and exit; however, strong security doors discourage them.

Window security

If doors are inaccessible, thieves can opt for window entry. While building solid and secured doors in the warehouse, windows should not be left out. Companies should consider constructing windows away from ground level to make it difficult for thieves to gain access. In construction, materials like window locking mechanisms, steel bars, or reinforced glass can be used to keep security tight.

Detect with motion sensors

Motion sensors are a crucial component of any warehouse security system. Motion sensors alert the security whenever there is any suspected movement in the warehouse, particularly in restricted areas. These alerts help security men know the following line of action.

Utilize an inventory tracking system

Regular inventory tracking helps you keep a stock check and, sometimes, missing items. However, inventory shrinkage is typical, whereas incorporating an inventory tracking system can help you take preventive security measures.

Security patrols

Leaving a warehouse without security personnel is a high risk that grants thieves easy access. Mobile security personnel can randomly and regularly come on-site for inspections. With a regular mobile security patrol, business owners can manage risks.

Optimize Your Warehouse Security Measures Today

The lack of a functional security system in any warehouse is a considerable risk no business wants to take. Asides from inventory shrinkage, an attack on the warehouse is a threat to any business's survival.

Companies should implement security solutions to ensure a secure supply chain. The good news is you do not have to go through the stress of implementing security measures yourself. When you partner with Easyship, you worry less about fulfillment processes and warehousing security systems.

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