Key Points:

  • A carrier facility is a large warehouse or distribution center that stores all the packages people order within a given location.
  • Packages are processed, scanned, and sorted before they are sent to their destinations at a carrier facility
  • The carrier facility is the center of the shipping activity for businesses

There are various stages of eCommerce fulfillment that your package must go through before it arrives at its destination. You’ll receive notifications that your package has arrived at each transit point throughout the process.

Once your package arrives at a carrier facility, your parcel is at its final leg of the delivery process. At this point, your package will be sorted and loaded onto a delivery truck to be delivered.

As an eCommerce merchant or seller, you’ll want to understand how carrier facilities work so you're knowledgeable in all aspects of shipping and fulfillment. We’ll discuss how they work and vary from retailers like Amazon to major courier companies like USPS, UPS®, or FedEx.

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What is a Carrier Facility?

Whenever you order an item, chances are your item will go through a carrier facility before arriving at its final destination.

A carrier facility is a large warehouse or a distribution center that stores packages people order within a given location.

What is a carrier facility?

Like a midpoint, the carrier facility is the center of the shipping activity. At a carrier facility, trucks unload shipments at the facility of that region. Then, delivery vehicles pick up packages and mail at the carrier facility to deliver to customers at the final destination.

Carrier Facilities Examples

The operations of carrier facilities are different from one facility to another. For example, certain facilities may be more extensive and have fleets of delivery vehicles and trucks, while others have smaller fleets.

The differences they have are solely dependent on the courier company. Next, we’ll look at carrier facilities like Amazon and others to get an idea of how each facility functions.

Amazon carrier facility

Amazon has warehouses to handle orders. So when you purchase an item from Amazon, your item will be transported to a carrier facility.

Your package will be sent directly to the designated address or pickup center depending on the requested delivery destination.

Your package will be sorted and loaded onto an Amazon delivery truck at an Amazon warehouse or distribution center. You can expect to receive your package soon at this point in the delivery process.

Amazon carrier facility

Once your package arrives, you’ll receive a notification that your package was left at whichever designated spot.

UPS Carrier Facility

The UPS carrier facility is usually the last stop before getting your order. When your item arrives at a UPS center, your item is sorted with the other packages.

UPS carrier facility

After your package is sorted, it’s loaded onto the delivery truck and is on its way to delivery. You’ll also receive a tracking update via the UPS tracking apps with detailed tracking information.

Once your package is delivered, you’ll receive another notification that the package was dropped off at the address.

Carrier facility USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is regarded as being reliable among customers. USPS also has long-standing relationships with other international postal services like Royal Mail, China Post, and Hong Kong Post.

The USPS carrier facilities are also referred to as distribution centers. These facilities are used to process, scan, and sort mail before being sent to destinations. At the USPS carrier facility, your package gets sorted along with other items going to nearby destinations.

Your package will be scanned and loaded onto the delivery vehicle. Then, the status will be updated on the USPS tracking system like UPS and Amazon. Once your package delivers, you will be notified via the tracking app.

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Things to Know About Carrier Facilities

Carrier facilities are fundamental aspects of sending and receiving parcels. Therefore, there are many relevant things to know about these facilities to understand the shipping and fulfillment process better.

1. Understand what "left at the carrier facility" means

Once your package leaves the carrier facility, it will arrive shortly. It may take a few days before your package arrives at its destination depending on how busy a facility may be. You will get a notification whenever your package leaves because packages are scanned once loaded on the delivery vehicle.

2. Picking up a package at a carrier facility

Unfortunately, you can’t pick up your parcel at a carrier facility even if you live right by the carrier facility. This ruling is partly because of safety and legal concerns.

Instead, USPS offers the opportunity of picking up your package at the post office. For others like UPS and FedEx, there are retail locations where your packages can be picked up or dropped off.

3. Tracking the progress of your shipment during transit

Tracking shipments has a lot of advantages for the seller and buyer. As a merchant, you can give your customers real-time updates and communicate delays. If anything goes wrong, you will be able to contact the quarters. Tracking your package helps avert the possibility of a lost package or wrong delivery.

Optimize Your Carrier Facility Operations with Easyship

Carrier facilities are meant to ease deliveries and bring packages closer to their destination. With technology, USPS, UPS, and Amazon ensure that every package is duly processed, sorted, and sent to its destinations.

Carrier facilities are just one step of the shipping process. So if you're new to eCommerce, you'll want to understand the entire shipping process, not just the final leg of delivery.

Using a shipping platform can help improve your shipping and fulfillment process while improving the customer experience. Plus, a shipping platform can give users more visibility so they know where their items are every step of the way.

Easyship offers complete tracking visibility and updates via our shipping dashboard so you can see all your shipments in one place. By connecting your courier account, you’ll gain access to features and benefits such as the following:

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  • Global Fulfillment: Easyship has warehouse partners on four continents so that you can reach your customers all across the world. Plus, Easyship helps scale up fulfillment capabilities without increasing overhead costs.
  • Shipping Policy Generator: Our shipping policy generator helps merchants and crowdfunding campaigns generate their shipping policy by providing tracking and insurance options, plus other vital information for your shipping process

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Carrier Facility FAQ

What is a carrier facility in Amazon?

The carrier facility is the local distribution center that houses packages before they are sent to the receivers.

When it says a package arrived at a carrier facility, what does it mean?

This notification means your package arrived at the nearest carrier facility to you and will be delivered shortly.

Can you pick up packages from the USPS carrier facility?

No, you can't pick up packages from the USPS carrier facility. You'll have to wait for it to be delivered to the requested address.

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