Key Points:

  • 85% of consumers have become greener in their purchasing in recent years
  • Carbon-neutral shipping occurs when a company uses alternative shipping strategies to minimize their carbon footprint
  • Energy emissions rose by 87 million tons in 2022 and forecast to rise another 25 million in 2023

The shipping industry has contributed to the carbon footprint and emissions through packages and deliveries. This calls for sustainable shipping options. According to the EIA, energy emissions rose by 87 million tons in 2022 and forecast to rise another 25 million in 2023.

To reduce the planet's carbon footprint, eCommerce merchants are looking for means to switch to carbon-neutral shipping alternatives. Consumers are becoming more aware of climate degradation and, as a result, are opting for brands that consider eco-friendly fulfillment.

With carbon-neutral shipping, greenhouse gas emissions can minimize with the strategy. This blog will discuss how carbon-neutral shipping has been possible in recent times. It will also offer practical steps eCommerce merchants can take toward being eco-conscious.

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What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

Carbon neutral shipping includes all shipping procedures and strategies to diminish a company's carbon footprint. By being carbon-neutral, a company utilizes shipping materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

This system also aligns with the fact that consumers are now more aware of carbon dioxide's impact on the planet. This singular factor has been shown to influence the brands they patronize.

Major couriers that are eco-friendly

You can choose from these carrier services to reduce your environmental impact as a business owner considering eco-friendly fulfillment options.

UPS carbon neutral shipping

UPS has made the option of neutral shipping available to reduce fossil fuels. In addition, with UPS, you can purchase carbon offsets to alleviate the effect of carbon emissions during transport.

FedEx carbon neutral shipping

FedEx plans to be entirely carbon-neutral in 2040 and has some available leads to make shipping eco-friendly. This new FedEx plan includes using carbon-neutral shipping envelopes, among other sustainable practices.

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How to Reduce Emissions with Carbon Neutral Shipping

Opting for carbon-neutral shipping has benefits ranging from its impact on the consumers and affordability. About 45 percent of consumers surveyed in 2020 stated that they were interested in finding sustainable or environmentally responsible brands.

Carbon-neutral shipping is a win-win situation, no matter how you look. This section will offer a step-by-step process of achieving it.

Step #1: Calculate your carbon footprint

The first step to offering eco-friendly fulfillment is to evaluate the impact your shipping strategy has on your carbon footprint. This factor will help you calculate how to develop the best tactics to reduce it.

Carbon neutral shipping

For example, it could be that you need to minimize your use of packaging materials or look into recyclable options.

Step #2: Rethink your packaging strategy

Packaging materials are necessary to ensure that your customers receive their items in good condition. You can choose biodegradable and recyclable materials for shipping boxes. These eco-friendly boxes guarantee to minimize waste reduction and other costs of non-sustainable materials like plastic.

Step #3: Establish a carbon-neutral shipping strategy

A carbon-neutral strategy would entail collaborating with your supply chain and considering options that make the shipping faster and carbon-free. This could be established by speeding up transit times or distributing your inventory across distribution centers closer to your customers.

Distributing your inventory across distribution centers closer to your customers reduces the carbon footprint because of the shorter distance traveled.

Step #4: Purchase carbon offsets

Purchasing carbon offsets helps you decrease your company's carbon footprint. This idea is in the form of a carbon credit that reduces the impact of carbon dioxide in your shipping endeavors. Since it is almost impossible to eliminate carbon emissions during shipping, carbon offsets are a proven way of remaining carbon-neutral.

Carbon-Neutral Shipping Strategy with Easyship

Whichever way you choose to look at it, carbon-neutral shipping will give you a lot of advantages as an eCommerce merchant. Eco-conscious customers tend to lean towards eco-friendly brands because of eco-conscious packaging.

With Easyship, you can choose carbon-neutral shipping with the available courier services at the best rates. Easyship also offers you access to a wide range of features to make your eco-friendly shipping experience hassle-free:

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Carbon Neutral FAQ

What is a carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the activities of humans or organizations and is responsible for global warming.

What is UPS carbon neutral shipment?

A UPS carbon neutral shipment means that the sender requested UPS to offset the emissions caused by the impact of a shipment. This service means that the sender cares about eco-friendly shipment options.

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