Key points:

  • Hubbed launched in 2014, offering secure local package pick up and drop off locations throughout Australia
  • Their network has grown to over 3000 locations and covers 3 continents. Major eCommerce markets Hubbed operates in include New Zealand, Japan and the US
  • Easyship can help you find the lowest prices available for Hubbed, plus power your label generation, compare couriers and start automating your shipping process

Looking to start delivering orders with Hubbed? This article explores what the technology company does and which countries their network operates in. Plus, find out how the shipping solution can help your store grow today.

What is Hubbed?

Hubbed is an eCommerce focused shipping solution, connecting online store's to a local fulfillment network for delivery. The company aims to use its platform to create a seamless experience between retailers, couriers and end customers. Launching in 2014, Hubbed operates in the following markets:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • United States

Originally establishing itself in Australia as a pickup and drop off parcel network, the growing Oceanian eCommerce market is where you can find the majority of locations. This network of convenient and secure 24/7 locations with parking and no queues quickly grew, combined with the continuous integration of new logistics partners.

Hubbed Services

With a network of over 3000 locations worldwide, retailers and logistics companies can leverage Hubbed's network to create a sustainable supply chain. The following shipping services are available:

Click and Collect

This eCommerce shipping solution allows end customers to pick up their parcels within seven days at convenient locations, close to their home address. These secure lockers are open 24 hours and offer a different delivery method to click and collect offered by stores, many of which aren't open 24 hours. The delivery process can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Customer adds product to cart
  2. Pick a convenient local location
  3. Pick up the parcel at a time and place that suits them


Offering a reverse logistics solution at an affordable flat rate per parcel, this service can offer your customers an easy local returns process. This instant returns solution doesn't require a technical integration, however if you have one set up you can customize the returns portal and access the Hubbed network.


Users can drop their parcel off at a location for an efficient last mile delivery. Hubbed also allows for the receipt, sortation and dispatch of consolidated shipments. There are two modes of shipping available:

  • Ship from Hub
  • Ship from Store

Both modes offer multi-carrier integrations, last mile delivery and access to the Logistics Hub Management Platform. This allows you to track parcel pick-up, check-in and sortation. While if you are shipping in bulk, Ship from Hub offers a hyper local delivery for freight.

REST API's also allow a technical integration for the Ship from Hub mode. There are three available that you can use to connect your store with the shipping solution:

  • Parcel API (inbound and outbound parcels)
  • Parcel Status API (real time track and trace event)
  • Pick Up Drop Off location finder

Drop Off

Partnering with multi carrier shipping platforms, Hubbed allows retailers to drop off orders at one of the out-of-home locations. The package will then be handed over to the consumer by the selected carrier's delivery service. A key benefit of this service is promoting a sustainable supply chain, compared to traditional home parcel pick up.

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Parcel Guidelines

Hubbed's size guidelines roughly match the size of most airline carry-on luggage allowances. Parcels dropped off at a collection point must meet the following specifications:

  • Max size: 100 cm cubic dimensions (sum of the length, width and height)
  • Max weight: 10KG

Prohibited and Restricted items

There are a range of prohibited and dangerous goods that Hubbed won't accept in their network. As each parcel has a disclaimer that it is not carrying any dangerous goods, anything forbidden, restricted, limited by the following is prohibited from being shipped:

  • International Air Transport Association
  • International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • Australian Dangerous Goods Code
  • Any goods prohibited or restricted by a country or territory the shipment is carried through

It can be worth researching the shipping requirements of the end customer's destination. Especially as top Hubbed destinations, Australia and New Zealand can have strict customs and biosecurity rules not present in other markets.

Benefits of Using Hubbed for Shipping

Hubbed has a range of benefits online store owners can benefit from when shipping to end customers in markets the logistics service operates in. These key benefits include:


Hubbed's local drop-off and pick up locations are open 24/7 and available throughout the shipping solutions operational territory. Once your order is delivered to your end customer's local Hubbed collection point by the carrier, a parcel collection notification is sent by text or email. From there, the customer enters a unique code, and they can pick up the delivery.


Using a parcel collection network can help reduce carbon emissions, through the cutting of last mile delivery. If your brand promotes a sustainable image, then leveraging green out of home deliveries to reduce your carbon footprint could help increase conversions. In fact, one parcel locker can reduce emissions per year equivalent to the atmospheric purification of over 2,500 trees.


The shipping solution effortlessly integrates with a wide range of popular sales channels. A plugin, extension or add on will allow you to add Hubbed collection points to your online store as a delivery option. Supported eCommerce platforms and marketplaces include:

  • Shopify
  • Bigcommerce
  • Neto
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Apply for API key
  • eBay

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