Key points:

  • Multi-carrier shipping software allows users to seamlessly manage multiple shipping services from a single dashboard
  • From saving time and reducing costs to boosting customer satisfaction and return sales, this essential software offers some key benefits to drive a successful shipping process
  • Easyship brings together a range of effective shipping tools and over 250 carriers, to create a single platform enabling effortless shipping success

Are you looking to scale your online store with multi-carrier shipping software? This article breaks down which key features to look for and what the software can do to help boost growth. Plus, check out how Easyship can help you turn order delivery into your store's competitive advantage.

What Is Multi-Carrier Shipping Software?

Multiple carrier shipping software is a platform that integrates with a range of shipping couriers, such as FedEx, DHL, USPS and many more. This platform provides a single user interface for shipping management and can help eCommerce entrepreneurs streamline their shipping process.

Key Features of Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Multi-carrier shipping software solutions have some key features that can help online stores grow. These can help reduce the potential complexity of shipping with multiple carriers, while enabling the user to compare the value of services on offer. Check out the quick breakdown of essential features below:

Carrier Integration

Rate shopping is one of the most important features of multi-carrier shipping solutions. The more carriers that are integrated as partners, the more shipping options are available for ecommerce businesses.

Shipping Rates Comparison

A rate comparison tool is a primary feature of effective eCommerce multi carrier shipping software. Comparing shipping prices and transit times from a wide range of shipping services for a specific shipping route instantly is a lengthy manual process. This allows you to pick the most cost-effective option and reduce costs.

Generate Shipping Labels

This management software can also help print shipping labels for the supported carriers. These can then be simply printed off and attached to the packages that need to be shipped. Automating this aspect of your eCommerce shipping workflow can help reduce potential shipping errors that increase delivery time while saving you time.

Tracking and Reporting

Tracking orders in real-time and monitoring the status of shipments is a key feature of multi-carrier parcel shipping platforms. Online stores can check the delivery timeline of customers' orders, ensuring expectations are met and notifications shared. Plus, reporting tools can be used to help track shipping metrics, such as delivery times, carrier performance and shipping costs.

Order Management

This software integrates with popular sales channels to enable eCommerce entrepreneurs to manage all their shipping operations in one platform. Easyship integrates with the following popular eCommerce sales channels:


  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Google
  • Groupon


  • BigCommerce
  • Ecwid
  • Magneto
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce

Tax and Duties Calculator

Work out the additional costs of international shipments to avoid hold-ups at customs and potentially ruining a customer's purchasing experience. Software that maps all the charges and enables you to accurately predetermine all the costs upfront can help you ship globally hassle-free.

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8 Benefits of Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

This software can be a valuable tool to help online stores grow. Checkout this quick breakdown of the key benefits below:

1 Reduce Costs

Comparing carriers can help retailers to save money on shipping rates, allowing them to pick the best value delivery option for that particular order. The most cost-effective option usually combines the lowest shipping rate, with the fastest delivery and required features like door-to-door tracking.

2 Boost Efficiency

Automating your shipping process can help you save time and reduce costs. If you are starting to scale your store, having an effective system to take care of shipping that can keep pace with rapid growth can be crucial. If everything can be processed faster, then customers can be updated and orders can even be delivered sooner. This saved money and time can be reinvested in other tasks, boosting growth.

3 Improved Customer Service

Handing over tracking numbers immediately can help customers feel secure that their order has been processed and is on the way. Software that streamlines all your tracking information onto one portal ensures you're sharing accurate shipping information and delivery estimates. Improving customer satisfaction, while reducing customer service messages. This can allow you to spend more time with customers who need to reach out and require a more personalized service.

4 Streamlined Shipping Process

Streamlining the shipping process through automation and providing a unified interface for shipping order management can help reduce the risks of error. Simple mistakes like the wrong address on a shipping label can have a knock on effect, pushing back the delivery date. Overall, any process that can help you increase your on time delivery rate can boost customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales through customer retention.

5 Enhanced Tracking and Reporting

Being transparent with customers throughout the shipping process can help reduce delivery stress in customers and help build trust in your online store's brand. Sending proactive order tracking notifications can help boost this trust even further, based on the real-time tracking information this software can provide. Reporting tools can also help you make informed decisions when optimizing your shipping strategy moving forward.

6 Order Management

Using a range of shipping services to deliver orders to end customers from multiple sales channels can quickly create a complex web of order statuses. Streamlining all your orders and carriers into one dashboard can help effectively manage shipping operations, enabling eCommerce entrepreneurs to focus on making more sales.

7 Improved Data Management

While having all your current orders in one place can increase efficiency, having a database of previous orders can be a useful analytics tool. Storing and organizing shipping data can help online businesses track the effectiveness of different shipping solutions, allowing them to optimize and improve processes over time.

8 Scalability

The software is designed to easily scale to meet the needs of a growing online store. A wide range of destination countries, carriers, and features can help your store scale, especially if you are looking to start shipping internationally. As supply chains are increasing going global, a solution that can reduce paperwork can be effective at helping you scale your store.

Effortlessly Grow Your Store With Easyship

Multi-carrier shipping software is a powerful tool for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to streamline their shipping process and boost customer satisfaction. From label generation to order management and courier comparison to tax and duties calculators. These key features can help meet customer's delivery expectations, while saving time and boosting sales.

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