Key Points:

  • Smart packaging is an umbrella term that describes different types of intelligent packaging or smart packaging
  • Active packaging uses oxygen absorbers and other filtering materials to ensure food or beverage items are kept fresh
  • Easyship shipping calculator helps you determine shipping rates for the shipping carriers available with discounts up to 91% off

Packaging isn’t just limited to standard, corrugated boxes. Companies have switched from bland boxes to customized packaging with bright, bold colors. But what if I said there’s more to packaging than bright, colorful boxes?

Smart packaging refers to packaging with extended functions that enhance the customer experience. Smart product packaging also simultaneously enhances the shelf-time of food and beverage products or provides product information via a QR code.

This blog will cover everything about smart packaging technology, so you know everything there is to know about the packaging industry.

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What’s Smart Packaging?

Smart packaging is an umbrella term that describes different types of intelligent packaging or smart packaging. This type of packaging doesn’t refer to a one-standard version of smart packaging. Instead, it relates to various packaging with enhanced functionality to create an improved packaging experience.

Smart packaging is helpful for businesses that want to learn more about the consumers and the market that merchants are selling to and provide a unique experience for consumers to interact with a particular product and brand.

What Are the Types of Smart Packaging Technology?

As we’ve already mentioned, smart packaging is an umbrella term that describes different types of smart packaging. There are two types of smart packaging: active and intelligent packaging. We’ll take a look at both types of packaging so you can get a better understanding of both.

Active packaging

Active packaging refers to packaging that goes beyond just containing or protecting an item. For example, with food items, active packaging works hand-in-hand with the contents of the package to extend its shelf life or increase freshness.

Active Packaging - Smart Packaging Solutions

Within this type of packaging, active packaging uses oxygen absorbers and other filtering materials to ensure food or beverage items are kept fresh. Another typical example of oxygen absorbers includes soda or beer in a plastic container. The cap acts as an oxygen absorber to ensure quality control while extending the shelf life by 3-6 months.

Intelligent packaging

Intelligent packaging refers to connected packaging that can communicate with the outer world. Intelligent packaging can include diagnostic and indicator functionality rather than just focusing on only the packaging.

Intelligent Packaging - Smart Packaging Solutions

Intelligent packaging uses sensors and indicators to provide information about the contents during storage. For example, intelligent food-related packaging may change color to indicate contamination (i.e., salmonella).

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What Are the Benefits of Smart Packaging Solutions?

Smart packaging offers numerous benefits for businesses and brands, creating enhanced quality control, tracking product quantity, or even increasing the customer experience. Smart product packaging is helping companies unlock unrealized benefits in the supply chain.

Helps consumers make better choices

Smart codes, otherwise known as QR codes, help customers by providing important information about the product they bought. Consumers want to know how products are produced to have full transparency. QR codes can be beneficial for supplying information on dietary concerns for food items or giving more insight into the ingredients.

QR Codes for Smart Packaging Solutions

Overall, smart packaging helps consumers make better choices and keeps them informed about purchasing the product.

Quality control

Smart packaging can help monitor the condition of an item to make sure it remains intact and uncompromised via advanced sensors and indicators. Some smart packaging can also increase shelf life by oxygen absorbers like soda in plastic bottles.

Staying relevant amongst consumers

Smart packaging is becoming increasingly popular amongst brands and consumers, making it important to stay on top of the current market trends. Smart packaging solutions offer an enhanced shopping experience and enhanced customer interaction. Failing to adapt to the packaging industry trends can result in consumers going elsewhere.

Minimizes counterfeit-proof products

Depending on the popularity of your brand, you may face a situation where false products are pretending to be your brand. Plus, perhaps the items are not even up to the same quality standard, making it essential to use smart packaging solutions via QR codes. This way, you can better track your products and communicate whether it’s an authentic product to your consumers.

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Smart product packaging can be one of the “smartest” things you can add to your business model to enhance your overall customer experience. Smart packaging isn’t just a trend – it’s here to stay and is only growing increasingly more popular.

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