This October, the whole Easyship team went on an adventure. It was wonderful, chaotic, and an incredible opportunity to spend time together as a full team.

We flew 40 individuals (17 nationalities) from our 6 global offices to join the 20+ people in our Hong Kong team. We worked together for a week in the office, and then went on a company boat trip around the island.

Taking 60 people on an adventure to another country was always going to pose it’s challenges, but as we voyaged on boats, buses, taxis and trams -- we all learnt a lot about ourselves and each other.

We embarked on this summit as Easyship entered it’s next stage of evolution: our team had grown to 60 people and more than 100,000 people had signed up to use Easyship from across the globe. We’re about to turn 5 years old and have rapidly transformed from a tiny startup with outlandish dreams of “global connections” to a hyper-growth organisation that’s beginning to see those dream transform into a reality. Though we still have a ways to go, I realised after the trip our annual summit is quite representative of life at Easyship. The thrill, the adventure, the challenges and the elation of when things work out.

As we continue to grow - we have made very conscious decisions on the type of company we want to become. Although we’ve always given thought to this, it’s becoming pressingly important as things continue to move at a rapid rate.
As a company, Easyship has always prided itself on our technology and scalability and as a workplace, we’re now seeing our team grow in similar manner where we have a deep assortment of market leaders elevating our team to the forefront of technology and logistics.

With offices in six countries, it’s a rare opportunity to get the whole team together under one roof — to share best practices, standardise processes across teams and to learn from one another. The time together also provided us with the opportunity to get to know each other well and build strong bonds, which helps everyone to work together more smoothly and efficiently.

One highlight of this week for me was our product roadmap session, to understand where we came from and what we're building in this next year. Tech, design and marketing team members collided to share projects and initiatives, some of which we hope to get online in the next few months while others were more futuristic and we’ll hopefully launch over the months and years to come.

Easyship's amazing customers from across the globe are the entire reason we exist. We spent time as a company reading their lovely feedback and looking through their suggestions and working towards solutions to continue to delight our end users and their customers.

There’s always so much more to learn and so many challenges along the path as we attempt to build out a pretty outlandish vision. I couldn’t feel luckier to have such an incredibly talented and motivated team to work alongside on this crazy journey of startup life.

I hope that in years to come our team looks back on this crazy adventure and the many others we’ve had together and feels proud of what we have created.

Cheers, until next year's summit.