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5 Weebly Website Themes You Need to Try Now

Alena Courtney

by Alena Courtney

On 2018 M03 6

by Alena Courtney

Your eCommerce business will only ever be as good as your eCommerce store. Sound scary? For some entrepreneurs, it is. What if you aren't a designer? What if you know nothing about managing the underlying a code of a website — let alone a web store?

Fortunately, most modern eCommerce platforms provide visual tools. And while that's good, simple set up and management is just one feature of a good store. You'll also want sophisticated capabilities, such as being able to feature products and categorize items to make them easy to find.

Customize your experience

The more under-the-hood customization you can bring to the process, the easier it can be to make your brand stand out and drive sales. For that, you need a flexible eCommerce theme. Here are five you need to try if your goal is to create a growing, profitable eCommerce site:

1. Birdseye

Designed for eCommerce sites where photos do the work of selling. Think of jewelry or art or other creative work that benefits from stunning visual displays. Content also fades as visitors scroll, ensuring the focus is always on the product that's most visible on screen.

2. Brisk

Colorful and spacious like Birdseye but also stylish to show off large or particularly detailed items. Think of the furniture store that wants to showcase an in-room design with several pieces on sale. Or a fashion designer wanting to show off multiple looks.

3. Clean Lines

The most universal of the choices here, Clean Lines is a highly functional, professional theme that's built for business. It's also wide ranging: a consultant showcasing a portfolio of services will be just as comfortable using Clean Lines as the local coffee roaster adding an eCommerce element to its walk-in business.

4. Dusk

Fixed navigation ensures that your store looks consistent on every page. Think of a housewares maker who sells in different categories: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom. Dusk's clear, predictable and colorful design ensures visitors get the same experience no matter what they're shopping for.

5. Slick

Made for sellers with smaller products that sell best when they're shown off. Oversized images make for a welcoming backdrop or for highlighting featured products while bold text points shoppers to your most important content. Slick also includes collapsible navigation to create space when you need it, and like all Weebly themes, is responsive to perform just as well on smartphones as on the desktop.

Try before you buy

Finally, don't settle for the first theme when designing your eCommerce store. Be flexible and try as many as themes as you need to before deciding on a design that fits your brand and product portfolio. Think, too, how you'd like to grow your store over time. Does the theme you're trying fit your vision for where you want to take your store three years from now? A decade from now?

Try an eCommerce template that's fully interchangeable, so you can swap an old theme for a new theme without losing your work. You can update while maintaining your content, so experiment with new colors and themes without worrying about starting from scratch. Ready to get started? Try a theme now.

Author Bio: Alena Courtney is a Content Marketing and Organic Growth Manager at Weebly. Weebly makes it surprisingly easy to build a high-quality website, blog or online store with powerful eCommerce features and beautiful responsive themes. Alena also runs Weebly’s Inspiration Center, where experts from around the world share advice to help entrepreneurs bring their biggest ideas to life.