Each month we bring you a spotlight of cool new startups and companies we love working with from around the world! Explore new business and all the cool things they do in our April roundup.

Our global logistics network is powering thousands of businesses around the globe and seeing the creativity of the products merchants are creating and delivering is truly inspiring. For April, here’s a quick look:


Using Cryptocurrency

Hong Kong, Founded in 2016

Crypto.com is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency and payments platform that seeks to increase the momentum of the world’s transition into cryptocurrency. The company allows users to buy, sell and pay with cryptocurrency and has ambitious goals for the future, aiming to launch a Crypto Credit service and expand further in the U.S. and across Europe.

Check out Crypto.com for more information!


Inamorata Swimwear

Irvine, California, Founded in 2017

Founded by actress, model and fashion designer Emily Ratajkowski, Inamorata sells swimwear and bodywear for women. Since being founded in 2017, Ratajkowski and her close friend and fashion designer Kat Mendenhall have produced a fast-growing clothing brand centered on body-conscious materials and inspired by Ratajkowski’s southern California roots.

Check out Inamorata for more information about the company!

August McGregor

August McGregor Suit

United States, Founded in 2017

An exciting new clothing line collaboration between MMA star Conor McGregor and acclaimed custom tailor David August, August McGregor officially debuted in autumn 2018 and has quickly achieved mainstream success thanks to the star power the two collaborators bring. The partnership looks to combine McGregor’s ferocious and bold fashion sense with August’s experience in crafting tailor-made men’s clothing to create a unique lifestyle brand.

August McGregor Logo

Visit August McGregor to learn more about this cool new brand!


Lipstick for Socially-Conscious Consumers

Bend, Oregon, Founded in 2014

Since being established in Bend, Oregon in 2014, Axiology has made a unique mission to being “evil-free” beauty products to socially-conscious consumers. The fast-growing brand eschews animal testing and the usage of palm oil, whose production has often been blamed for rampant tropical deforestation, to produce quality beauty products for socially-minded customers.

Axiology Logo

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The Dollar Juice Club

Premium Quality e-juice and vape juice

Orange County, California, Founded in 2017

Headquartered in Southern California, The Dollar Juice Club offers premium quality e-juice and vape juice at economical prices. Boasting 54 flavors to choose from The Dollar Juice Club aims to cash in on the vaping boom by offering high-quality products at prices their competition can’t beat.

Learn more about The Dollar Juice Club!


Baby in Cotton Apparel Gabe

Singapore and Malaysia, Founded in 2018

Based in both Singapore and Malaysia, Gabe’s mission is to provide parents with 100 percent natural cotton and organic cotton apparel for children and babies. Designed to be soft on the skin of children's skin, Gabe’s products include everything from bibs to baby wear to rompers and much more.

Natural cotton and organic cotton apparel brand Gabe

Visit the Gabe website to learn more!


LuDela remote-controlled candle

United States, Founded in 2014

LuDela is a company with a unique product and great mission. Pitching itself as the world’s first remote-controlled candle with actual flame technology, the company was launched in 2014 after its founder Jamie Bianchini survived a candle fire at a guesthouse while on a biking trip with a friend in Burkina Faso.

Aiming to combine his goals of candle safety with his friend’s vision to bring educational opportunities to AIDS orphans and needy children in Africa, Bianchini has pledged to donate a book to the Books for Africa nonprofit group, which looks to promote literacy across the continent, every time one of his innovative products is sold.

Check out LuDela for more info on this new company with a great mission!

Lilac and Mila

Launch of Lilac and Mila in a sunny beach in Sydney

Sydney, Australia, Founded in 2018

Based in sunny Sydney, Lilac and Mila is a new fashion brand launched in October 2018 that looks to combine a Boho Chic fashion sense with the relaxed beach lifestyle Sydney is famed for. Offering a rich array of clothing and apparel, Lilac and Mila aims to make their customers feel both laid-back and beautiful.

Lilac and Mila clothing and apparel

Visit the Lilac and Mila website for additional information!