Key Points:

  • There are over 100,000+ black-owned businesses in the US
  • Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States that honors and celebrates the accomplishments of African Americans
  • Easyship supports black-owned businesses to help create a frictionless shipping experience for eCommerce merchants

Supporting black-owned businesses is a great way to show your support during Black History Month.

Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States that honors and celebrates the accomplishments of African Americans. And with over 100,000+ black-owned businesses in the US, now is the best time to show your support.

Read below to learn about three small black-owned businesses to follow during Black History Month and how Easyship powers their eCommerce shipping.

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3 Black-Owned Businesses Online to Follow

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or looking to treat yourself, check out these exciting products from black-owned businesses online.

1. The PuffCuff

Ceata E. Lash created The PuffCuff to create hair accessories for individuals who have naturally thick, coarse hair. Before The PuffCuff, Ceata struggled to find a solution for thick, coarse hair, but it just didn’t exist. So for Ceata, her goal was clear: To create an easy-to-use styling tool to help make quick looks that were durable and affordable.

Black-Owned Businesses

Now, Ceata runs a successful eCommerce business that makes it easy for individuals to create quick and affordable looks. No matter if you’re on the go or just lounging around, The PuffCuff is your best option for naturally thick, coarse hair.

The PuffCuff is offering “Buy One, Get One” 50% with code “BOGO50” for Black History Month 2022. Plus, the successful online store supports the Black Lives Matter movement and donates $1 of each sale from their “I Support Black-Owned Businesses” apparel.

How Easyship Helps: Easyship helps and supports small black-owned businesses like the PuffCuff to streamline their shipping processes with high-volume shipping discounts and shipping tools designed to help black-owned businesses online. With premium shipping tools like our Shipping Rates Calculator, Easyship helps the PuffCuff offer free shipping on orders over $40.

Check out more about this successful black-owned business in the video below.

2. ElectroSpit

ElectroSplit is a black-owned business established in Oakland, California. ElectroSplit Founder and CEO Bosko were forced to lip-sync with Kanye West at the American Music Awards because the traditional talkbox isn’t portable.

For reference, a “talk box” is a unique audio effect that allows individuals to modify or alter an audio signal that uses an individual’s mouth as a filter to shape the sound.

Bosko’s experience at the American Music Awards set him on a mission to reinvent the talkbox. So in 2014, Bosko’s dream of having talk boxers recognized for their talent became a reality with the ESX-1 Tubeless Mobile Talkbox.

Small Black-Owned Businesses

The ESX-1 Tubeless Mobile Talkbox is easy to use, all you have to do is first download the Synth App, and you’re one step closer to creating great sounds. The ESX-1 Tubeless Mobile Talkbox comes with features such as:

  • Power built-in amplifier
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with synths + guitars
  • Companion app for perfect sound
  • Tubeless and shareable
  • Compatible with any DAW

How Easyship Helps: Easyship helps ElectroSplit offer worldwide shipping in 2-4 business days with their global fulfillment network so ElectroSplit can reach their international customers. Plus, Easyship offers excellent shipping tools like our Branding Suite so businesses can create a delivery experience consistent with their brand.

Check out how the ESX-1 Tubeless Mobile Talkbox works in the video below.

3. Crownned

Crownned is a female black-owned business that creates premium-quality headwraps designed to protect your hair. Crownned products range from pure jersey wraps, slip-on wraps, satin wraps, and headwrap grips so individuals can look good on the go or whatever the occasion may be.

Black History Month Campaigns

Thinking about supporting a small black-owned business during Black History Month? Here’s how customers feel about Crownned’s premium headwraps.

“Easy to slip-on, not tight at all, gentle on my hairline, extremely soft fabric, fabric is easy to manipulate, fabric is not heavy nor adds pressure to my scalp. Love it,” says Marquétte N.

How Easyship Helps: Crownned uses Easyship to streamline its shipping processes while saving up to 89% off discounted shipping rates. Plus, Easyship offers shipping insurance for Crownned’s online business and provides an optimized store checkout, allowing eCommerce businesses to show the cheapest, fastest, and best value shipping options at the checkout.

Check out how to use Crownned’s premium headwraps below.

How Easyship Helps Black-Owned Businesses

Support Black History Month campaigns this month and learn how Easyship helps and supports black-owned businesses! Easyship is here to help create a frictionless shipping experience for all eCommerce businesses with premium shipping tools such as:

  • Easyship Shipping Rates Calculator: Access high-volume discounts from major couriers. Plus, get instant access to delivery lead times from premium shipping couriers
  • Easyship Branding Suite: Easyship provides a delivery experience consistent with your brand. Add your logo and advertising materials to your packing slips, landing pages, and tracking emails
  • All-One-Dashboard: Manage all your orders and create shipments in one place. Plus, upload CSVs or sync directly from your eCommerce store

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