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Building the Easyship Team


by Jules

On 2015 M10 5

by Jules

Startups are dynamic and fast past organisations that need to be able to adapt to the constantly evolving demands of the market. At the end of the day an organisation's success is strongly correlated to the type of people that they have. And it comes with no surprise, that having the best type of people increases these odds. Recruiting at Easyship is far from the typical Large Corporation hiring process. Not only do we not have a recruiting department, but we essentially look for different things in the people we look for.

At your typical companies, HR frantically scans for the perfect CVs - Well known university and relevant experiences at large corporations. Although these are things that are great, we look deeper than that. We look for people with the fire and motivation who constantly challenge the status quo. The people who aren't afraid to get down and do the dirty work are the ones we look for. We know that these are the type of people that will drive the growth of Easyship. These are the type of people that will drive the early stage growth of a company. These type of people don't quit at the first sign of uncertainty or encountering a problem, but will give everything they can to try achieve it, whether they fail or succeed. As a result, one thing we've focused on is potential rather than experience, although they can come together.

Our job is not to hire for experience like everyone else does, our job is to hire the people that will explode when they join Easyship. It's all about finding the key parts of the build the Easyship rocket ship, then giving it right fuel for take off. However there comes a cost, it's often quite hard to predict the future and projecting their trajectory is almost hoping for the best.

What we've noticed is that focusing on trajectory has brought more diversity in our team as well. When you value the passion, intelligence, ambition, motivation of people, you come across many great surprises. We've have many nationalities with very different past experiences (monk and a policeman) which have gave us great perspectives and different insights when we tackle issues as a company.