Here at Easyship, we’re all about making life easier for our clients. Recently, we added a new feature: courier quality scores on checkout pages for Shopify merchants. By empowering Easyship merchants to showcase courier data at checkout, we believe that we can increase transparency with shipping services and deliver best user experiences for their clients.

Here’s a quick look at our quality score feature and what the benefits of structured data such as star reviews are.

Easyship's Courier Quality Scores

Easyship has added courier quality scores in the form of star reviews to checkout pages. Users can easily see the quality score of each courier on a scale of one to five stars, with more stars indicating higher quality.

By including these quality scores at checkout, clients can gain more insights into courier options based on the feedback of other merchants, helping clients choose which one works best for them overall.

Clients can see the quality score for couriers in the form of star reviews at checkout

Benefits of Structured Data Reviews

So, why is Easyship adding quality scores for couriers at checkout? Structured data such as this, also known as schema markup, rich snippets or microdata, can go a long way towards providing useful information to customers.

The use of star reviews for products and services conveys important information to customers in a simple and visual way, helping them choose what’s best for them. It also forces businesses to up their game in terms of the quality of services or products they provide, knowing that they’ll likely be reviewed online by customers and seen by other potential customers about to make a purchasing decision.

But don’t take our word for it - consumers themselves have spoken, and they want more reviews! 69 percent of Internet users want more reviews from eCommerce retailers while 80 percent of local business customers say they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

What’s this all mean? Consumers have come to trust online reviews to help make choices when buying products and services. By providing these reviews based on feedback from other customers, users can in turn make these choices much easier.

Making Life Easier for Easyship Clients

You already choose hotels, products and local businesses based on online reviews. Why not the same for selecting your shipping courier?

By empowering clients with more information on couriers with our quality score feature, we believe we can arm eCommerce companies and entrepreneurs the data they need to succeed. Easyship will continue to lead the way when it comes to increasing transparency in global logistics and giving eCommerce startups the tools they need to scale globally!