Key Points:

  • Crowdfunding has raised $2.7 billion worldwide in 2012 to 3.4 billion in the last year
  • The top crowdfunding videos have genuine, interesting stories about their products or ideas
  • You should end your crowdfunding video by outlining the backer rewards available

Since its introduction, crowdfunding has become a preferred alternative for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital to start their ventures. From the estimated $2.7 billion raised worldwide in 2012 to $3.4 billion raised last year, crowdfunding has proved its effectiveness in raising startup capital. However, not all crowdfunding campaigns achieve their goals. That’s why you should leverage different ideas to increase the chances of meeting your campaign goals. One of these is to create a great crowdfunding video for your campaign.

There are many reasons why you should consider using video to market your crowdfunding video campaign. For starters, video is the richest and most engaging media type. That aside, several studies have concluded that crowdfunding campaigns with videos have high chances of succeeding. If you’re wondering about what makes a good video, we’ve got all the details for you in this article.

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10 Top Tips for an Engaging Crowdfunding Video

To create an engaging Crowdfunding video campaign, consider the following tips:

1. Tell a story

The current marketing landscape is all about telling stories. The top crowdfunding videos have genuine, interesting stories about their products or ideas. Since no two crowdfunding project stories are the same, showcasing your campaign’s unique selling points will help you create a compelling video.

Woman Holding a Clapboard for her Crowdfunding Video

The introduction to your video should highlight how your product or idea addresses the problems that the viewers might be facing. Follow this by introducing your product, its benefits, and how it will solve these problems. Make sure that you identify the unique selling points of your idea. As you conclude, remind viewers that your product will only come into being with their support. Your description should justify the reasons why viewers should support your crowdfunding idea.

2. Consider the video length

Probably one of the most common questions that entrepreneurs looking to launch their crowdfunding marketing campaign ask is how long should a crowdfunding video be? It’s a valid question. Remember that as passionate as you are about your story and ideas, most of your audience will have a very limited attention span. According to crowdfunding marketing experts who oversaw some of the top crowdfunding videos, yours should be no more than five minutes long.

3. Set the right ambiance

If you have watched YouTube videos before, you understand that content and stories are not the only ingredients of a good video. You should shoot your video in a location with good light, excellent backgrounds, and other key ambient features. This will not only enable you to create a good quality video but also make it easy to fuse your product ideas with real lifestyles.

4. Have confidence

Without a doubt, showcasing your ideas is important when shooting a video. However, before potential backers decide to invest in your ideas, they’ll need to be convinced by your body language.

Even with a great idea, the biggest strength of a successful campaign is you. This doesn’t mean that you should be visible in the whole video, but that when you do appear, you project a confident, passionate demeanor that people can trust.

5. Consider the video quality

Ensuring that your video is of high quality is among the most important tips. Shooting a poor-quality video may convey the wrong impression to your audience. Marketing your idea with a high-quality video - one that includes graphics and themes - shows some reliability in your ideas. However, a good video may require more cash investment. Therefore, don’t sacrifice your chance of success by opting for reduced Crowdfunding video costs.

6. Cover the basics

The best crowdfunding videos should cover the basics of your campaign. The basics of an excellent video include introducing yourself to people, explaining the story behind your ideas, asking people for support, why you need it, and displaying your rewards. Viewers should have a good understanding of your project by the end of the video.

7. Highlight your product’s development process

Potential investors on crowdfunding platforms often appreciate when entrepreneurs show how their ideas turned into real products. Most won’t invest in a product that isn’t fully developed because it seems like investing in a pipe-dream. Therefore, include your product’s development process to convince potential investors to buy into your idea.

8. Display the product

Your video will be incomplete if you don’t show viewers samples of your products. Showcasing prototypes of your product - including all its details and mechanisms - has a low f convincing powder. Investors will want to see this before parting with their cash or offering any other form of support.

Most entrepreneurs looking to market their crowdfunding ideas through videos often overlook the importance of operating within legal frameworks. You should remember to avoid violating copyright laws through music, images, video footage, and logos. There’s plenty of royalty-free content available online.

10. Close the sale

You should end your crowdfunding video by outlining the backer rewards available (accompanied by high-quality but realistic photos to make them appealing).

Kickstarter Campaign Video Montage

Since the primary goal of making the video is to ask viewers for money, finish the video by urging viewers to click on the button to donate.

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The Best 5 Kickstarter Campaign Videos

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you should check out some of the top Crowdfunding videos that achieved unimaginable success. Below are some of the best Kickstarter videos that aced their Crowdfunding goals.

1. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a simple card game with a Russian roulette touch. The game became a huge success, raising more than $8 million through crowdfunding because of its creativity. The video used to market the game showed how the game works through animations with a narrator.

2. Bibliotheca

The Bibliotheca campaign video is another campaign that you should draw effective crowdfunding video tips. The campaign targeted the religious community on Kickstarter with excellent cinematography, seamless edits, and engaging content.

3. Waterdeep Double

The Waterdeep Double video was a hilarious recording with a likable approach. The video shows great creativity, especially in setting the ambiance. You can borrow insightful tips from this piece.

4. Pono Music

The Pono Music video strategy is among the best Kickstarter videos for multiple reasons. The advert was quite unusual as it creates hype using celebrities, but with limited information about what the product does. However, using famous musicians lured music lovers into investing in the product, making the campaign a success.

5. Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler crowdfunding campaign raised more than $13 million, making it among the highest funded projects on Kickstarter; it also had one of the best crowdfunding videos on Kickstarter. The video demonstrates quality production, which is key to improving the chances of success when creating a crowdfunding marketing video.

Find Crowdfunding Success with a Great Campaign Video

Crowdfunding campaigns that incorporate compelling videos have more chances of achieving their Crowdfunding goals. A good crowdfunding video should boost entrepreneurs’ marketing efforts, as it provides a great way of presenting ideas, products, and services.

While planning to launch your crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to have a good plan. That includes thinking about marketing ideas and most importantly, planning and budgeting for fulfillment. Easyship can help you calculate fulfillment budgets that you can incorporate into your fundraising goal, and help you simplify the post-campaign fulfillment process.

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