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10 eCommerce podcasts you should listen to


by Jules

On 2018 M08 23

by Jules

Whether you're starting a new eCommerce business or been running one for years, staying on top of current eCommerce trends is a must. There are thousands of blogs and articles available online that can guide you. However, reading through them all can tedious.

So what's another way to digest these resources? Listening to a podcast, of course!

Listening is far easier than reading and can be less time-consuming (anyone out there listening at 1.5x-2x speeds?)

That being said, we've come up with a list of 10 business podcasts that small-to-medium eCommerce businesses should be listening to!

1. EOFire by John Lee Dumas

"EOFire" stands for "Entrepreneurs On Fire". This is one of the best eCommerce podcasts and John Lee Dumas (better known as JLD) has interviewed many industry gurus (think Seth Godin, Gary V, and Tim Ferriss) to find out what their "one big idea" is, and how they went all in to reach their goals.

Recommended episode: We liked the episode with Bill Widmer, which talked about how to rank on Google's front page in less than 3 months. As SEO knowledge can help build a lot of organic traffic to your eCommerce site, this episode gives you insight into the amount of work needed to rank in a short amount of time.


Inspired Insider is a podcast that gets insider information from successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Episodes cover everything from growing your business to inspirational stories of people overcoming big challenges and persevering.

Recommended episode: The IRCE series features our very own Co-Founder, Tommaso Tamburnotti. He chats with Dr. Jeremy Weisz about expand your eCommerce business into new markets but also get to know Tom's personal experiences in business setup and expansion.

3. Ecommerce Braintrust

This podcast features expert guests to discuss eCommerce strategies and trends - all through the lens of selling on Amazon. Perfect for those with established brands who are looking to gain momentum online.

Recommended episode: Get ready for Q4 2018 by preparing your PPC campaigns. Speakers on this podcast include Ioana Andries, Stefan Jordev and Will Haire, all from Bobsled Marketing.

4. eCommerce Influence

This top business podcast focuses on advanced acquisition and retention strategies for brands who want to grow quickly. Hosts Andrew Brawner and Andrew Foxwell have experience in email marketing and social media marketing, respectively.

Recommended episode: Episode 145: International shipping demystified - how to scale your business overseas. Our Co-Founder Tommaso Tamburnotti talks all things logistics, from choosing your international target markets to how to get your shipment "un-stuck" in customs.

5. Ecommerce Empire Builders

The innovative small business podcast is run by a group of online business owners. They post new episodes daily and while the main focus is on dropshipping, they do cover relevant eCommerce topics such as chatbots to entrepreneurial development.

Recommended episode: The best countries to target with Facebook ads. Don't dim the prospects of higher revenue by choosing to sell only within (or to) the US. The countries mentioned in this episode have strong eCommerce appetites and are easy to ship to!

6. eCommerce Fastlane

This popular small business podcast is run by Steve Hutt, a merchant success manager at Shopify Plus. It's Shopify focused, and his guests teach how to dream, build, launch, grow, and scale their eCommerce businesses.

Recommended episode: Episode 11 with Tommaso Tamburnotti. Our co-founder shares how it's just as easy to ship internationally as it is to ship domestically, as long as you have the right tools *ahem Easyship*. 😉

7. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

If you're interested in scaling your Shopify store, you're in the right place. Kurt Elster is a Shopify Plus Partner who runs this podcast (which is in no way affiliated with Shopify) - hence, expect to hear no holds barred conversations on eCommerce growth and strategy tactics.

Recommended episode: We all want to be super productive, right? Ultraworking: Productivity hacks for busy people is a great episode that'll share how to stay on top of your habits, how to get big projects done quickly, and more.

8. Mixergy

Mixergy helps entrepreneurs learn from a mix of experienced mentors. In addition to their interview podcast, they also offer master class courses and even curated collections.

Recommended episode: Our Co-Founder Tommaso Tamburnotti answers the following question: Why are smart entrepreneurs paying attention to "boring" infrastructure companies?

9. CrowdCrux

Crowdfunding is a great way to get validation for your eCommerce business idea. In addition to being a blog that covers a wide variety of crowdfunding topics, CrowdCrux produces a weekly podcast that appeals to makers on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Recommended episode: Kickstarter agency shares their launch system. This episode shares all the resources you need to successfully launch your crowdfunding campaign, and it even spotlights our partner, Fulfillrite!

10. Global From Asia

Global From Asia is a community that focuses on taking your business international - from Asia! They provide useful information on setting up your business, growing your business, and international business travel.

Recommended episode: How to triple your eCommerce sales by going international. Our Co-Founder Tom chats with Michael Michelini about how you can easily go global and triple your sales - all through shipping!

What are the podcasts that we missed? Leave us your favorites in the comments below!