At Easyship, we’re excited about supporting innovative brands. Whether you’re an established brand with years of experience as a renegade startup shaking up the industry, we aim to ensure that everyone gets access to affordable shipping. That means we work with some pretty cool clients, so every month, we take a little time to showcase some of the brands that have just joined the Easyship family.

This May, we’re checking out AI-driven art; treating ourselves to a makeover with a bespoke makeup kit from Ashley Lee; saving the planet with bamboo thermos from Inspire Ecowear; tucking into some indulgent brownies from Brownie Heaven, and purifying the air in our home with an indoor plant from Uprooted.

Add Some Art to Your Walls with this Canvas from Refik Anadol Studios

Add some color and personality to your home with the captivating Machine Hallucinations: Mars/A canvas from Refik Anadol Studios.

Refik Anadol the Machine Hallucinations

Created by Istanbul-born artist Refik Anadol, the Machine Hallucinations: Mars collection offers an abstract visualization of celestial structures as imagined through the mind of a machine.

These works of art are developed through artificial intelligence using real images of Mars. This particular AI data print is a mesmerizing exploration of color and texture that would look great on the wall. Plus, these images are limited additions (there are only 100!) and come hand-signed and numbered.

Price: $250

Get a Makeover With this Bespoke Makeup Set from Ashley Lee Cosmetics

Ready to spend isolation whipping up some fab makeup looks? This Custom Beauty Set from Ashley Lee Cosmetics is just the thing!

Clutch Palette Ashlee Lee Cosmetics

This surprisingly affordable makeup kit allows you to create a personalized cosmetics collection from the brand’s best-selling products. You can select two eyeshadow palettes (including the new Clutch Palette 2), one foundation, two “Galaxy Glitter” pots, two lip products, and two beauty tools.

You’ll have everything you need to create some serious looks! Best of all, none of these products would be considered dangerous or restricted by shippers or contain tricky-to-ship liquids, so you can get them anywhere in the US!

Price: $60

Save the Planet With These Bamboo Thermoses from Inspire Ecoware

We’re all looking for ways to cut plastic these days, and you couldn’t find a chicer way to do it than with these stylish Natural Bamboo Thermos from Inspire Ecoware.

Natural Bamboo Thermos from Inspire Ecoware

These thermos feature double-walled insulation to ensure your drinks stay hot (or cold) for as long as you need them to. The outside is rendered in a goes-with-anything light brown bamboo, while the inside features stainless steel and ceramic to ensure insulation.

These nifty tumblers are leakproof and portable, and - since they don’t contain plastic - they’re 100% BPA free! They’re also available in 350ml or 450ml models, so you can get exactly the size you need.

Price: $34.95

Treat Yourself To These Sweet Treats from Brownie Heaven

Sweeten up the stay-at-home deal with the Mixed Brownie Mountain from Brownie Heaven!

Mixed Brownie Mountain from Brownie Heaven

Perfect for those isolating with a family during the COVID-19 pandemic, this Brownie Mountain features 41 brownies in a mix of different flavors. Each one is a gourmet delight that’s made by hand with the finest ingredients available.

There’s enough to go around, and several flavors that’ll keep even the fussiest chocoholic satisfied! Salted caramel? Belgian chocolate? Blondies? The gang’s all here in this mountain!

Price: £62.95

Filter Your Air with an Indoor Plant from Uprooted

Feeling like the air in your home could use some cleansing? Why not set this Zanzibar Gem plant from Uprooted up in your living room?

Zanzibar Gem plant from Uprooted

Also known as ZZ (or Zamioculcas zammifolia), the Zanzibar Gem is a perennially popular indoor plant because of its resilient nature and cleaning properties. This unique plant can easily purify the air around it, and its tough nature means it doesn’t require a lot of care (you only need to water it once a month and it doesn’t need much sunlight!). As a bonus, its glossy leaves provide some serious aesthetics for your home!

Price: From $22

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