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2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines for the US

How late can you ship packages to have them arrive by Christmas? Just ask our 2021 Holiday Shipping Cutoff Calendar.
2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines for the US

By Jules


October 16, 2021

It's the holiday season again, but this year...there's a twist. Due to an ongoing snarl in the global supply chain, many in eCommerce worry their packages won't reach recipients on time.

The cause for concern is a huge backlog at US ports, caused by a shortage of container space and a tight labor market. This while elevated eCommerce activity has slowed courier deliveries and raised shipping rates. How can you ensure your packages arrive on time? Be proactive and know the cutoff date for your courier.

Here's the Easyship holiday shipping cutoff calendar for 2021. It shows you the latest send-date for every major courier service to have your package arrive by Christmas.

How to Deliver On Time For Peak Season

Every business dreams of making huge sales for peak season. Almost 40% of holiday shipping happens in the four weeks leading up to Black Friday.

But in reality, keeping up with all those orders is a lot of work. Half of Christmas shipments (52% ) get shipped between the week of Black Friday and the first two weeks in December. With sales volume and customer tensions high, the key to keeping up is preparation.

Easyship has prepared a shipping checklist to help. This way you can check off key tasks on your way to creating a memorable, timely delivery for every customer – without wondering if you did it right.

Follow these five shipping tips to ensure your eCommerce business enjoys smooth sailing for the holidays:

1. Create and communicate your holiday shipping policy. This helps to avoid confusion around returns, etc. For help, try our free shipping policy generator.

2.  Identify your most affordable, expedient couriers. You can use our Rate Calculator to compare holiday courier rates instantly.

3. Purchase key packaging and supplies for fulfillment. You can order free shipping boxes online from USPS, UPS and FedEx.

4. Display a range of affordable shipping in your web store. Customers are  more likely to convert if you offer options for shipping, as many customers may want rush delivery for the holidays.

5. Create a smooth post-purchase experience with a transparent eCommerce returns process, plus seamless tracking.

2021 Holiday Delivery Deadlines

When is the last day to mail packages so they arrive by Christmas? For USPS? UPS? FedEx? Does anyone deliver on Christmas Day? We've got your answers.

USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines in the US

USPS delivers on Christmas Eve, but is closed Christmas Day. All branches are closed with no deliveries will go out on Christmas.

Below are the last dates you can ship with the most popular USPS services to have your package arrive by Christmas.

Service Holiday Ship By Date
USPS Parcel Select December 15, 2021
USPS First Class Mail December 17, 2021
USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail December 21, 2021
USPS Priority Mail Express December 20, 2021

And here is the full cutoff data calendar for all USPS services.

FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines in the US

FedEx delivers on Christmas Eve but not Christmas Day. Here are the 2021 holiday cutoff dates for the most popular FedEx services:

Service Holiday Ship By Date
Fedex Ground Delivery December 15, 2021
Fedex Home Delivery December 15, 2021
Fedex Express Saver December 21, 2021
Fedex 2Day Services December 22, 2021

And here is the full cutoff calendar for FedEx 2021 holiday shipping.

UPS Holiday Shipping Deadline in the US

UPS delivers Christmas Eve but no on Christmas. Cutoff dates are below:

Service Holiday Ship By Date
UPS 3 Day Select December 21, 2021
UPS 2nd Day Air Service December 22, 2021
UPS Next Day Air Service December 23, 2021

If you're planning to ship with any other UPS services, refer to the full calendar below.

DHL eCommerce Shipping Deadline in US

Like other couriers, DHL operates on the eve of Christmas but not the day of. Be sure to get you packages out by the following cutoff dates.

Service Holiday Ship By Date
SmartMail Expedited Max December 17, 2021
SmartMail Expedited December 15, 2021
SmartMail Ground December 11, 2021

If you're using DHL international services, here's a calendar view of the recommended send-date to deliver before Christmas.

2021 Domestic and International Holiday Delivery Deadlines

Now that you're aware of all the holiday shipping cutoff dates and the last day to mail packages for Christmas, we've also put together a handy holiday shipping deadlines infographic that shows you what services are available and how to schedule your own shipping cutoff dates for domestic shipments and international orders.

Don't forget these dates as Christmas nears! Download our cutoff calendar and keep it close to ensure your customers have a happy holiday!

2020 Holiday Shipping Deadlines in the US

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