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Is an Accurate Delivery Date Now More Important Than Fast Shipping in 2023?

eCommerce order experience research released on March 21st indicates that shoppers value predictable shipping over fast delivery. The study found that 68% of 2022 US consumers stated an accurate estimated delivery date as more important than fast shipping. Interestingly, surveyed shoppers also defined fast shipping as more than three days, a figure that has increased as pandemic restrictions have been lifted.


Dutch Online Shoppers Spent Over €33B in 2022

Last year, the Dutch eCommerce market was worth over €33B, a healthy 9% increase compared to 2021. Interestingly, the number of purchases actually dropped by 5%, while the average order value increased by 15%. Overall, this figure represents 12% of all purchases by Dutch shoppers, down from 13% in 2021. However, smartphone purchases have shown continued growth, from 13% of online purchases in 2017 to 31% in 2022, a 2.5X increase.