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Big savings for small shipments

Shipping envelope sized shipments but still require tracking? We have huge savings for you!
Big savings for small shipments

By Jules


November 23, 2021

Are you looking to reduce your USPS shipping costs? Of course you are.

We are proud to announce the launch of USPS Light Weight Trackable, a service that is available exclusively to Easyship users and is cheaper than USPS First Class! If a lot of your shipments are light and thin (that is, an envelope), we think you’ll definitely find Light Weight Trackable a great option for your business.

To access these savings instantly, just create a free Easyship account.

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The Light Parcel Problem

Every day, merchants are sending millions of orders across America in light envelopes. By the very nature of their size, they tend to have pretty low values which makes profitability tight and every penny saved counts.

In order to make these shipments, merchants have traditionally had a couple of budget options:

  1. Purchase a stamp
    While definitely a cheap option (starting at 58c), this solution isn’t ideal for eCommerce shipments as there is no tracking.
  2. Ship a USPS First Class package
    These options are tracked, but with pricing starting at $4.30 (or $3.31 when shipping with Easyship), the price is on the high side compared to the overall value of the goods.

Choosing which solution to ship with was a quandary that many merchants faced, until now.

We have the solution for light weight parcels

Identifying the pain being experienced by many users, the courier development team at Easyship went away to work with their partners in order to bring you the solution, USPS Light Weight Trackable.

USPS Light Weight Trackable is a new shipping solution which is:

  • Includes tracking
  • Cheaper than USPS First Class Package
  • Best of all, shipments for Light Weight Trackable start at just $2.71

How does it work?

Because of the shipping volume that Easyship processes, we were able to work with our shipping partners and leverage our technology to help build a tailor-made solution suitable to the needs of our users. Better yet, the solution is priced far more competitively than existing options in the market.

The delivery is done by USPS to ensure full coverage nationwide. With the USPS level of service this is a solution you can trust. The tracking is provided by Easyship using proprietary tracking technology that hasn't been available to most shippers previously. Once again, Easyship are bringing a range of shipping solutions to merchants of all sizes.

What do the savings look like?

Provided the shipment meets the eligible criteria, Light Weight Trackable is always cheaper than First Class Package.

First Class PackageLight Weight TrackableSaving Per Shipment
LA to New York (4 oz.)$3.79$3.14$0.65
Chicago to Chicago (4 oz.)$3.31$2.71$0.60
New York to Hawaii (4oz)$3.79$3.14$0.65
Miami to New York (10 oz.)$4.68$3.94$0.74
Denver to Chicago (12 oz.)$4.50$3.78$0.72

View the full rate card to see the full rate card and compare it to other services.

Who is Light Weight Trackable suitable for?

Millions of shipments have already been made with Light Weight Trackable and we're seeing millions more which are great candidates for this service.

In order to ship with Light Weight Trackable, your shipments within the US need to meet the following criteria:

  • Shipment weighs less than 13oz.
  • The width of the envelope or flat is no thicker than 3/4 of an inch
  • Ship through Easyship

In essence, small and light items are eligible. Common items using Light Weight Trackable include:

  • Trading cards
  • Small items of clothing (Socks or underwear)
  • Gift cards
  • Stickers
  • Patches and sewing items
  • Many more categories!

Please note: Because the tracking used for Light Weight Trackable is a proprietary solution that isn't provided by USPS, Light Weight Trackable is not currently accepted for shipments made for orders placed on Etsy, Amazon and eBay.

Ship with Light Weight Trackable today!

Light Weight Trackable is available to generate shipments today! Here is how it works.

1.Login to your Easyship Account
If you haven't done so already, sign up for a free Easyship account. This service is exclusive to Easyship users.

2. Create a Shipment
Start the Create a Shipment process by entering your shipment details including the weight and measurements.

3. Select your service
If your shipment is eligible for Light Weight Trackable (see eligibility criteria above), you can select the solution for your shipment.

4. Buy a Label
Once the shipment details are confirmed, purchase the shipment using your credit card.

5. Print your labels
When your documents are generated, you will need to print them out and attach them to your envelope.

6. Handover to USPS
Getting shipments to USPS is easy. Simply drop off at your local post office or nearby mailbox. If a USPS driver is coming to you for other shipments, you can even pass the shipment to them then.

7. Track your shipment!
Like all Easyship shipments, your shipments will have dedicated tracking pages where you can see the status of the shipment throughout the delivery journey.

As you can see, creating a shipment for Light Weight Trackable (or any courier for that matter) is simple and seamless, backed by award winning support.

Register for a Free Easyship account and start shipping with USPS Light Weight Trackable today!