Each month, we bring you a spotlight of cool new startups and companies we love working with from around the world! Explore new business powered by Easyship and all the cool things they do in our May roundup.

Our global logistics network is powering thousands of businesses around the globe and seeing the creativity of the products merchants are creating and delivering is truly inspiring. For May, here’s just a quick look:

1. Dip into a Big 3 Pack from Black Buffalo.

Big 3 Pack from Black Buffalo

Tobacco-free smokeless tobacco dip? No, you're not dreaming!

Black Buffalo has taken the world of smokeless tobacco by storm by producing a tobacco-free alternative that offers the same taste, texture and effects of smokeless tobacco without compromising on quality.

Created by tobacco dipping fans born in the Midwest and raised down South, Black Buffalo offers everything you love about the smokeless tobacco - minus the tobacco itself!

Price: $15.00

2. Treat your skin (and yourself!) with the Clear Skin Kit from Averr Aglow.

Averr Aglow Clear Skin Kit

True: Breakouts and blemishes happen.

False: There’s nothing you can do about them.

Launched in 2015, Averr Aglow helps women feel confident in their own skin with their wide selection of products that use natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Get rid of acne, scars, breakouts, blackheads and other skin blemishes and feel beautiful in your skin while feeling good about it too!

Price: $149.99

3. Uncork some good vibes with the Bottle Rocket 4-Piece Gift Set from Vintage Creek Direct.

Vintage Creek Direct Bottle Rocket 4-Piece Gift Set

Everything’s better with wine, right? If “But first, wine” is your motto, definitely check out Vintage Creek Direct, a family-owned business founded by wine lovers, for wine lovers. With wine openers, wine sealers, wine coolers, chill sticks and cool gift sets to choose from, Vintage Creek Direct is your top destination for all things wine!

Price: $49.99

4. Spring into a more fashionable look with Shop Alexis, like their new Faustine Skirt.

Alexis Faustine Skirt

Founded by mother-daughter fashion team Ana and Alexis Barbara, Shop Alexis has been making high-end womenswear since 2008.

The fashionable duo has launched collections in over 250 luxury boutiques and department stores worldwide, attracting many fans thanks to their unique style that exudes classic sophistication and elegance with a chic, contemporary flair.  

Price: $495.00

5. Explore the great outdoors with a Rugged iPhone Case from Hello Nomad.

Hello Nomad Rugged iPhone Case

Fancy yourself a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt but have an admitted smartphone addiction?

Check out Hello Nomad, a brand that specializes in creating durable, practical and minimalist products for adventurous spirits. From phone cases to cables to watch straps and everything else in between, Hello Nomad is the place to go for cool yet practical products for your next hiking, fishing, boating or camping trip!

Price: $49.95

6. Perk up with some French Vanilla Sencha Green Tea from the Gryphon Tea Company.  

French Vanilla Sencha Green Tea from Gryphon Tea

Tea time? Check out the Gryphon Tea Company, one of Singapore's premier tea and food brands.

In 2006, Lim Tian Wee, the fourth-generation owner of Lim Lam Thye Pte Ltd, a family-owned Chinese tea importer founded back in 1918, struck out on his own to follow his passions for quality food and tea.

The result was the Gryphon Tea Company, one of Singapore's top tea and food brands that's expanded on a global scale thanks in part to Easyship. With dozens of teas to choose from, including green, black, white and herbal teas, the Gryphon Tea Company is the place to go to get your afternoon perks.

Price: $10.00

7. Satisfy your hunger cravings in a healthy way with a Pro Bar Base Protein Bar from Snack Healthy.

Snack Healthy Pro Bar Base Protein Bar

Want some yummy snacks you don’t have to feel guilty about eating? If you’re a health nut with a weakness for browsing the fridge at odd hours, check out Snack Healthy. With organic candy, whole-grain chips, protein cookies and much more to choose from, you’ll never have to choose between your stomach and your desire to live healthy again!

Price: $2.99

Angela China's Red Bottoms
Angela China's "Red Bottoms" 

If you're a budding art critic (at least in your own mind!) or just appreciate contemporary art, check out the Treason Gallery, a Seattle-based art gallery that features contemporary artists not afraid to push the boundaries.

Featuring mid-career and emerging artists the world over with their own unique style, the Treason Gallery is your go-to place for cutting-edge artists who bridge the gap between fine art and the unconventional.

Price: $75.00

9. Find the jewelry of your dreams at TSH Jewelry, like their beautiful Dreamcatcher Necklace.

TSH Jewelry Dreamcatcher Necklace

Featuring the beautiful, customizable bracelets, necklaces and gemstone jewelry crafted by Anicha Patel in Hong Kong, TSH Jewelry has something for everyone. Look stylish this spring with personalized charm necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more!

Price: $26.99

10. Brighten up your home with a Crassula Rupestris succulent plant from Vivid Root.

Succulent Plants from Vivid Root

Launched in October 2018, Vivid Root is a cool new startup that sells beautiful, colorful succulent plants and various accessories like plant pots, soil and stones. If you’ve got a green thumb, check out what they’ve got in store to add some color to your home or garden this spring!

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