National Dab Day is right around the corner. No, not the dance! The annual July 10 holiday actually celebrates CBD oil and everything associated with it!

Still in a haze as to what National Dab Day is? Here’s a closer look at it and some Easyship clients to check out that specialize in CBD oil!

What is National Dab Day?

National Dab Day, or 7/10, is an unofficial holiday that celebrates CBD oil.

It’s held every year on July 10, as “7/10” is associated with CBD oil due to the fact that it looks similar to “OIL” when turned upside down. National Dab Day, unlike 4/20, is a fairly recent holiday, first emerging around 2012. However, it’s quickly gained popularity thanks to the growing acceptance of CBD oil and the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, Washington and several other U.S. states.

Dabbing itself is a form of cannabis consumption that’s also fairly new and involves extracting THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent such as carbon dioxide or butane, producing oils which are then heated and inhaled via a dab rig.

4 Cool Easyship Brands That Sell CBD Oil and other CBD-Based Products

Getting ready to celebrate National Dab Day yourself soon? Check out these Easyship clients that specialize in selling CBD oil and some of their cool CBD-based products!

1. Give Your Skin a Break from the Summer Heat with some Soothe Moisturizer from Complete Body Daily

Soothe Moisturizer from Complete Body Daily

Complete Body Daily produces CBD oil and CBD-based products with a focus on health and wellness for active-minded people. Offering a diverse product line that includes CBD-infused moisturizers, massage oils and pain relief creams, Complete Body Daily’s products are all produced in Colorado using organic hemp also grown in the state.

Price: $56.00

2. Refresh Yourself with a HQO Nano-Amplified CBD Hemp Shots Variety 4 Pack from Hempicated

HQO Nano-Amplified CBD Hemp Shots Variety 4 Pack from Hempicated

Founded in June 2017, Hempicated is one of the largest and most trusted distributors of brands that sell CBD-based products, including being the official distributor for HQO. Offering an impressive selection of brands that sell CBD-based products, Hempicated is your go-to location not just for CBD oil, but also for CBD-infused gel tablets, candies, drinks, massage oils and much more!

Price: $29.99

3. Try Some CBD Soft Gels from Maven Hemp

CBD Soft Gels from Maven Hemp

Based in Colorado and founded in 2017, Maven Hemp prides itself on both its cutting-edge research that stretches from Colorado to Israel as well as its quality products and hemp-based raw materials. The company offers a wholesale catalogue and also a  diverse product line of CBD-based products, including hemp CBD inhalers and soft gels.

Price: TBD, Please visit website for more details.

4. Recharge with some CBD Muscle Gel from The Hemp Door

CBD Muscle Gel from The Hemp Door

Based in Oregon, The Hemp Door cultivates its products from their own organic hemp farm in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Composed of a team that includes a cancer survivor, veteran, and massage therapist, the people behind The Hemp Door bring their varied life experiences together to create a wide array of CBD-based products, including tinctures, vape juices, massage oils, body balms and even tinctures for pets!

Price: $23.00