February was a tough month, but here at Easyship, we've been keeping morale up by working on some exciting new developments! This March, we're announcing an integration with a new eCommerce platform, giving you more choice over shipping insurance, and improving the way you handle product listings. And, as always, we're giving you tips, tricks, and more over on our blog.

Easyship News - March 2020

Squarespace x Easyship Integration is Live!

We gave you a sneak peek last month, but we’re excited to announce that our integration with Squarespace is now live! Now, Squarespace merchants can easily integrate the Easyship extension with their store and get access to the full range of Easyship tools to simplify their shipping process. Plus, sellers can now sync directly to Easyship and update tracking with just a few clicks.

Take Control of Your Shipping Insurance

Easyship Shipping Insurance Settings

Insurance needs can vary wildly for different businesses. It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition, which is why we believe you should be able to choose exactly what insurance you need. We’re enabling Easyship users to do just that with new insurance settings.

Previously, insurance was calculated as a percentage of the total value of a shipment (that’s the shipping cost plus the product value). And, if things went wrong, the sender would receive a 100% refund of the total cost. However, it became clear to us that many of you wanted lower insurance fees and more flexibility in what was covered. That’s why you can now decide the way your insurance is calculated.

Now, you can choose from three methods of insurance calculation:

  • Insure just the selling price of the item.
  • Choose a percentage of the selling price as insurance.
  • Set your own price as the insurance value.

You can also choose whether you want your insurance to cover the shipping cost or just the item value. But, if you don’t set your preferences in the “Settings” section of your dashboard, your shipments will be insured under the default calculation method (a percentage of the shipping price plus item value).

Managing Product Listings Through Your Easyship Dashboard Just Got Easier

Bulk Editor Feature in the Easyship Dashboard

We’ve revamped the way our product listings work so that they’re more intuitive - and much easier for you to manage. Before, updating values such as product weight and dimensions was a bit of a task. You had to upload a CSV file. It also could only be done through direct integrations. Now though, you can edit values directly in the Easyship dashboard using a bulk editor. The result? It’s much faster and easier for you to change details on your product listings.

More International Shipping Solutions

 International Shipping Solutions

We’ve had some exciting courier developments in February! Our clients in Australia and HK now have access to some great domestic and international shipping services from CouriersPlease, FedEx and UPS.

  • Australian clients can now use CouriersPlease! The well-known courier is great for express deliveries in Australia and also offers signature-on-delivery or authority to leave (no signature required) services.
  • Hong Kong fulfillment clients will now be able to use FedEx First for international shipments. This is FedEx’s fastest service and offers delivery as early as 8am on the next business day in certain locations.
  • Our merchants in the UK now have access to affordable international shipping with UPS’s Worldwide Saver service, which offers delivery within 1-5 business days.

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