Key Points:

  • Your Royal Mail tracking number will typically be between 9 and 27 characters long, consisting of numbers, letters, or both
  • Royal Mail offers tracking services for the following services: Royal Mail Tracked 24 and Royal Mail Tracked 48
  • Easyship offers up to 91% off discounted shipping rates for international shipping

Do you fancy Royal Mail courier services? Royal Mail is one of the most popular courier services based in the United Kingdom and offers a mix of standard and express courier services.

Royal Mail also offers tracking services for merchants who need that extra cushion of visibility for parcels and letter shipping.

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about Royal Mail international tracking so you can stay up to date with sending parcels and letters.

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How to Track Packages with a Royal Mail Tracking Number

You’ll need your Royal Tracking number for tracking your parcel. Shippers and receivers can track their parcels one of two ways:

Your Royal Mail tracking number will typically be between 9 and 27 characters long, consisting of numbers, letters, or both. Below are sample formats for Royal Mail tracking numbers:

  • JV620553954GB
  • 050111C31F4
  • 32048619500001B3A6F40
  • 0210DAD9015248A2
  • 0B0480284000010307090

Is there Royal Mail international tracking?

Yes, your Royal mail packages can be tracked internationally, similar to regular domestic shipments. Use your Royal Mail tracking number via their website or shipping platform.

Which Royal Mail Services Offer Tracking?

Royal Mail offers tracking services for the following services:

  • Royal Mail Tracked 24
  • Royal Mail Tracked 48

These Royal Mail services come with real-time tracking for delivery points for the sender and receiver and a reliable estimated delivery time via SMS and email. You can track your ship via their website or through a 3PL shipping platform like Easyship

How Long Does It Take for Royal Mail to Update Tracking?

Generally, it shouldn’t take longer than 24-48 hours for Royal Mail to update its tracking information. However, if your tracking status takes longer than 48 hours to update, contact Easyship or Royal Mail.

Royal Mail Tracking Progres

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Understanding Royal Mail Tracking Statuses

Throughout the Royal Mail tracking progress, there are different statuses that correspond to different points of the delivery process. Below are the Royal Mail tracking statuses to pay attention to while sending parcels and letters.


The package is on its way to its intended destination.

Checked at depot

The package has been checked into a Royal Mail processing center as part of its route.


The package was successfully delivered.

Attempted delivery

There was a problem with the delivery, or nobody was present to receive the package upon delivery.

What Should I Do If My Royal Mail Package Doesn’t Arrive?

Royal Mail tracking is reputed as being a popular way of sending parcels and letters from the United Kingdom. However, sometimes the unexpected happens, and your package may not arrive at its destination.

In the case of a missing package, you have a couple of options to choose from when dealing with this issue:

  • Contact Royal Mail Customer service by telephone, email, or via the Royal mail website
  • Contact the Easyship team to understand any shipment error
  • Report package as missing

You may be also asked to fill out a claim form for a missing package, though it’s not required. Claims for loss also must be made within 80 calendar days of the date of posting, or no claim will be entertained.

How to submit a claim for a missing package

You can submit a claim for a missing package with Royal Mail in a few easy steps. All you need to do is

Be sure to also include the following information in your claim submission, so Royal Mail can handle your claim swiftly:

  • Full details of the sender and recipient
  • The Royal Mail service used
  • Date and location of posting
  • Proof of postage and (where relevant) proof of value/cost price
  • Claims for damage or part loss - Digital or electronic images showing the damaged item and all the original packaging

As long as you have the above information, you can file a claim in no time.

Royal Mail Tracking with Easyship

By now, you should be able to understand everything there’s to know about Royal Mail tracking. Generally, your Royal Mail tracking progress shouldn’t take longer than 24-48 hours to update.

Whenever you’re shipping, you want to make sure that you have your tracking number on hand so you can view the progress of your shipment at every point of transit. And if you find yourself in the situation of a missing package, make sure you have all the required information.  

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Royal Mail Tracking FAQ

Why does Royal Mail take so long?

Depending on your courier service, you may be subject to longer shipping lead times.

Does Royal Mail tracking show out for delivery?

Royal Mail tracking shows the “out for delivery” shipping status.

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