Key points:

  • USPS has over 34,000 post office's and 139,000 24/7 local drop boxes across the US
  • You can schedule a package pickup right from your doorstep by most major carriers
  • Easyship can help you find the best rates for your store's local shipping options

Looking for convenient shipping and mailing services near you? This article breaks down the most widespread local domestic and international options available.

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United States Postal Service (USPS)

The most common local shipping option for online stores, USPS services are easily accessible across the US. A top choice when searching for package shipping near me, there are three key options for your orders.

U.S. Post Office

With over 34,000 post office locations throughout the United States, USPS is a market leader. If you need a shipping label for your package, then you will need to head to a post office first.

USPS Mailboxes

If you already have a shipping label attached, then there are over 139,000 iconic blue USPS drop off boxes available for you to post your package. Usually these are blue standalone boxes on street corners, however they can also be wall mounted or even mail chutes.

Schedule a Pickup

To get a package picked up from your doorstep, you can go to the USPS site and follow the instructions available on the Schedule a Pickup page. Be aware that this service is only available from specific addresses in serviceable areas.

Find USPS Locations

To find a drop-off box or post office near you, go to the USPS site and click on Find USPS Locations. While they may appear on search results, be aware USPS distribution centers are not customer facing facilities.


Available throughout the US, FedEx is one of the largest couriers globally. When searching for local shipping options, you can find a range of locations to ship from:

FedEx Office & Ship Centers

With over 2000 locations, these branded retail outlets can be found in most towns nationwide. They offer a wide range of shipping, plus printing, design and packaging services.

FedEx Drop Box

Available at over 32,000 locations and open 24/7, these drop boxes allow you to ship packages with shipping labels already attached. Available for FedEx Smartpost, Express and Ground packages with maximum dimensions of 20” x 12” x 6”.

Pack-And-Ship Stores

Authorized retail locations offer both domestic and international shipping options, plus packaging and labelling. These include many Walgreens and Dollar General store's, some even open 24 hours. To identify which locations offer these services, look for a FedEx official sign in the window.

Pick Up Options

If you are low on time, you can arrange either a one-time pickup or you schedule a recurring pickup date.

Find FedEx Locations

To find in store shipping services near you, FexEx's site has a useful tool. Use it to Find FedEx locations in the United States through this useful tool on the couriers site.

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While DHL no longer offers domestic shipping in the United States, there are still a range of international shipping options available. These can help your store offer a reliable delivery experience your customers love.

There are currently three different types of locations available:

1.DHL Authorized Shipping Centers

These retail units are owned and operated by other companies that have a partnership agreement with DHL. While the staff at these locations don't work for DHL, they can help you prepare your packages and accept drop-offs.

2.DHL Staffed Facilities

These locations are the closest thing you can find to a DHL branded store in the US. While not as common as authorized shipping centers, they do offer specialist staff, express services and even some free DHL branded shipping supplies.

3. DHL Drop Boxes

Available throughout the US, drop boxes are ideal for smaller packages. If you're shipping an order with dimensions less than 18” x 13” x 4”, then this shipping method collected every weekday will work for you.

Find DHL Locations

You can find DHL shipping locations near you by going to the DHL site and using the handy Global Service Point Locator tool. This will allow you to explore all the options available closest to your location.

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