Key Points:

  • USPS is expected to deliver more than 9.7 million packages each Sunday in 2021
  • USPS offers Sunday delivery for USPS Priority Mail Express deliveries and Amazon deliveries
  • USPS Sunday delivery costs an additional $12.50 per shipment

USPS is expected to deliver more than 9.7 million packages each Sunday throughout the 2021 holiday season. Generally, USPS only offers weekend delivery on Saturdays. However, eCommerce merchants are in luck.

USPS only offers Sunday delivery services with USPS Priority Mail Express and certain Amazon Prime shipments. To accommodate the surge of shipments during the holiday and off-holiday season, USPS and Amazon have an agreement to deliver packages on Sunday. Now, customers can receive packages for Saturday and Sunday deliveries.

In this blog, we’ll go over USPS Sunday delivery hours, frequently asked questions, and tips for using this popular added mail service.

Does the Post Office Deliver on Sunday?

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What is USPS Sunday Delivery?

USPS offers Sunday delivery to specific USPS mail services at an additional cost. Whether you’re in a rush or looking for expedited delivery, USPS Sunday delivery is excellent added service for your convenience. Plus, it's sure to boost customer satisfaction. Here are the following services available for Sunday delivery:

  • USPS Priority Mail Express
  • Certain Amazon deliveries

Though not all USPS shipping services offer Sunday delivery, USPS Priority Mail Express guarantees delivery or your money back. Plus, USPS Sunday delivery comes with a full suite of features, such as:

  • USPS tracking
  • Insurance up to $100
  • Signature confirmation
  • Free package pickup

Instead of paying retail shipping rates, USPS merchants can connect their USPS account to Easyship to gain access to a suite full of shipping tools to power your shipping. For example, our Free Shipping Rate Calculator gives you instant access to high-volume discounts, including USPS Priority Mail.

How Much Does USPS Sunday Delivery Cost?

USPS Sunday delivery costs an added fee of $12.50. But, this doesn’t include the shipping cost. For instance, say you want to ship a 3-pound package from New York City to Los Angeles, USPS.

Here is the calculated shipping cost for the 3-pound package.

USPS Sunday Delivery Cost

As we see, it costs $61.25 for shipping with Priority Mail Express. So including the $12.50 added fee, you’ll pay $73.25 for choosing USPS Sunday delivery.

Instead, Easyship saves users up to 70% off discounted shipping rates, including USPS. Instead of paying retail shipping rates, Easyship offers high-volume discounts. For instance, say you want to ship a 3-pound package from New York City to Los Angeles. We’ll calculate the shipping cost here with our Free Shipping Rates Calculator.

USPS Sunday Delivery with Easyship

As we can see, it costs $52.30 for USPS Priority Mail Express shipping. Plus, you’ll save $9.23 on shipping compared to retail shipping rates. So including the added $12.50 surcharge, you’ll spend $64.80 for the shipping cost and the added fee for Sunday delivery.

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Top Questions for USPS Sunday Delivery

Most USPS mailing services don’t offer Sunday delivery, which can leave unanswered questions. We’ll go over the top questions merchants and customers have about the popular USPS service in this following section.

Does USPS deliver on Easter Sunday?

There is no regular mail delivered on Easter Sunday. However, those who opted for USPS Sunday delivery service can still receive their mail on that delivery day.

For most Sunday deliveries, shipments will arrive by 10:30 a.m. by the next business day. Packages not delivered by the Easter Sunday deadline are eligible for a full refund with Priority Mail Express.

Does USPS deliver on Sunday during the holidays?

Yes, USPS Sunday delivery is available during the holiday season for Priority Mail Express. To accommodate the surge of holiday shipments this Christmas, USPS will deliver packages on Sunday to manage the high volume. This way, USPS ensures that merchants and customers receive excellent customer service.

Does USPS deliver First Class Mail on Sunday?

No, USPS only delivers USPS Priority Mail Express on Sunday. However, USPS First Class remains an excellent option for eCommerce merchants for shipments that don't require express shipping. The service offers a delivery date of 3-5 business days compared to 1 business day for USPS Priority Mail Express.

Does the post office deliver on Sunday for Priority Mail?

Like USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail doesn’t deliver on Sunday. However, the main difference between Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express is the shipping times and prices. For instance, Priority Mail offers a delivery date of 1-3 business days compared to one business day for Priority Mail Express.

What are USPS Sunday delivery hours?

USPS Priority Mail Express delivers by 10:30 am or by the end of the next business day. Users can track their parcel via the USPS website with the corresponding tracking number to confirm the delivery day.

USPS Sunday Delivery with Easyship

USPS Sunday delivery is an excellent added service if you need expedited shipping. Enjoy features such as included insurance, package tracking, and more with USPS Priority Mail Express. Plus, our team of shipping experts is here 24/7 to provide Easyship users with great customer service.

Instead of paying high retail shipping costs, Easyship saves users up to 70% discounted shipping rates, including USPS. So now, you can save more money on all your USPS Sunday delivery shipments.

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