Key points:

  • For eCommerce retailers, EOFY sales are a golden opportunity to clear out stock, boost profits, and improve operations through strategic marketing and logistics
  • Planning for EOFY sales involves managing inventory effectively, leveraging seasonal trends, and optimizing marketing campaigns for maximum impact
  • Optimizing operations during EOFY includes streamlining shipping and handling, reducing business costs, and reviewing financial performance to set goals for the next year
  • Easyship helps eCommerce retailers streamline EOFY sales by automating shipping, reducing fulfillment costs, and fulfilling orders faster to meet customer expectations

As we approach the End of the Financial Year (EOFY), eCommerce retailers dealing with physical goods, face a golden opportunity to ramp up sales and optimize operations. The EOFY sales period offers a chance to clear out remaining stock, plus provides a perfect opportunity to enhance profitability through strategic discounts and operations management.

This guide is tailored to help ambitious eCommerce retailers navigate the bustling season of EOFY sales.

When Do EOFY Sales Start?

Stores EOFY sale typically kick off in early June, coinciding with the close of the fiscal year in many regions, including Australia. This period is marked by businesses slashing prices to clear out stock with best deals before the new financial year begins.

For eCommerce store owners, it is crucial to start planning by late May to ensure that marketing, inventory, and logistics are aligned for the upcoming massive clearance sale and rush.

When Do EOFY Sales Start

Preparing for EOFY Sales

Strategic Stock Management

EOFY sales are the perfect time to offload slow-moving items and make room for new inventory. This involves marking down big-ticket items and overstocked goods. Brands like Appliances Online and Good Guys often feature heavily discounted home appliances and tech items at great prices during this period, serving as a great example for smaller retailers to manage inventory effectively.

Leveraging Seasonal Sales

EOFY is synonymous with massive clearance sales and great deals. Retailers can capitalize on this by offering huge discounts on leading brands, especially on electronics and appliances like mobile phones, air fryers, and washing machines.

Promoting these offers across platforms such as Shopify, Amazon and any other eCommerce channels can attract a broader audience looking for the best EOFY deals.

Marketing Tactics for Maximum Impact

Creating buzz around EOFY deals involves strategic marketing. Utilize email blasts, social media posts, and targeted ads to highlight amazing deals on favorite brands and the latest tech. Emphasize the urgency to shop online with messaging around limited-time offers, top deals and while stocks last to drive immediate action.

Optimizing Operations During EOFY

Streamlining Shipping and Handling

With the increase in orders, handling logistics efficiently becomes paramount. Tools like Easyship can automate shipping processes, allowing businesses to manage increased demand without compromising on delivery times. This not only helps in reducing operational costs but also enhances customer satisfaction by meeting expectations for quick shipping.

Cost-Effective Business Practices

EOFY is also a time to reassess business expenses and operations. Small businesses should look for ways to reduce costs through more effective supply chain management and by negotiating better rates with shipping carriers and suppliers. Especially when dealing with increased volumes of big savings items.

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When Do EOFY Sales Start

Closing the Financial Year Strong

EOFY Sale: Financial Review and Planning

Post EOFY sales, conducting a thorough financial review is crucial. This helps in understanding the impact of the best EOFY sales on the overall small business health and planning for the new financial year. It’s also a critical time for tax preparation and ensuring all financial dealings are documented correctly.

EOFY Deals: Setting Goals for the Next Year

Using insights gained from EOFY sales, retailers should set realistic goals for the upcoming year. This could involve expanding product lines, upgrading tech stacks, or implementing new customer service strategies to better meet growing consumer expectations.


EOFY is not just a time for great sales and an absolute bargain for customers. But it’s also a strategic period for planning and growth. For eCommerce retailers, it offers a myriad of opportunities to not only clear out inventory and achieve significant sales figures, but also to streamline operations and set a solid foundation for the fiscal year ahead.

By effectively managing stock, optimizing marketing strategies, and utilizing the right technological tools, retailers can turn this busy period into a substantial growth opportunity for their business.

EOFY Sales: Boost Your Profits and Streamline Operations with Easyship

Don't let EOFY sales turn into a logistical nightmare! While EOFY sales are a golden opportunity to clear inventory and maximize profits, managing the surge in orders can be overwhelming.

Easyship can help you:

  • Save time and money: Automate your shipping processes, negotiate better rates with carriers, and reduce fulfillment costs
  • Fulfill orders faster: Get your products to customers quickly and efficiently, keeping them happy and driving repeat business
  • Scale with ease: Easily handle increased order volume without compromising on service

We also offer a range of easy-to-use shipping tools, to help streamline your shipping experience and delight your buyers. Popular features include:

  • Shipping Rate Calculator: You can use our shipping rate calculator to compare shipping rates from different carriers and find the most cost-effective option for each order
  • Comparison Tool: With our courier comparison tool, you can compare the different shipping services offered by each courier, allowing you to choose your cheapest way to ship based on other factors, not just the cost (e.g., speed, reliability)
  • Insurance: To help keep your packages safe in transit, Easyship offers you insurance up to $10,000, giving you peace of mind and protecting your profits
  • Tracking: From custom-branded tracking emails to automatic message alerts, Easyship helps you maintain package visibility with your buyers throughout the delivery process, increasing customer satisfaction

Focus on what matters most - growing your business - and let Easyship take care of the rest. Ready to unlock the full potential of EOFY sales? Start your free Easyship trial today!


What is the biggest sale in Australia?

There are several contenders, but Boxing Day, Black Friday, and Click Frenzy are major ones.

What are end-of-financial-year sales?

End-of-financial-year sales are discounts offered by Australian retailers in June to clear stock.

Who has the best end of year sales?

It's hard to say definitively who has the best sales, it depends on what you're looking for.

Does Apple do end of financial year sales?

Apple doesn't typically participate in EOFY sales, but some retailers might sell Apple products at a discount.

What is end of financial year?

The end of financial year in Australia is June 30th.

Are there sales in June?

Yes, June is a popular month for sales in Australia, especially EOFY sales.

What is the end of financial year sale?

The end of financial year sale is a major sales event in Australia that takes place in June.

What time of year is best for sales Australia?

June and November (around Black Friday) are generally considered the best times for sales in Australia.