Key Points:

  • White glove delivery is a service worth it for companies that deal with high-value, fragile and heavy products.
  • UPS and FedEx are couriers that offer white-glove services
  • Easyship offers an optimal shipping experience for white glove delivery with discounts up to 24/7 support

It's no news that people want their shipment to receive the best care during processing. Business owners and customers can be particular when it comes to the way their items are handled. In other cases, the nature of the package would require that it is treated with priority.

White glove delivery helps ensure that packages receive a customized service beyond traditional shipping methods. With trained professionals and tools, shipments under white glove delivery can be assembled and installed.

White glove delivery guarantees that business owners can be at rest while their packages are handled safely. It can be an option for you to consider, but how does it work? This article will provide an insight into white glove delivery for business owners and individuals.

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White-Glove Delivery Meaning

It is a delivery service for specific products or packages based on size, value, and nature. This service pays more attention and care to the boxes marked as white services.

White Glove Delivery Meaning

Unlike other delivery options, white-glove delivery does not stop at the door. Instead, white glove delivery experts have been trained to assemble and install products using specialized tools and materials at the location.

What products are best for white glove delivery?

Business owners can decide to opt for white glove delivery for products that fall under these categories:

Electronic devices

22% of all retail eCommerce sales are computers and consumer electronics. Electronics are generally fragile products that require careful packaging and optimum care.

Other electronics may require assembling on delivery. For these kinds of products, white glove delivery is likely the best option. When you use white glove delivery, your electronic gadgets are shipped directly to the spot you need them to be assembled.

Medical and lab equipment

Medical shipment can be delicate to handle. Medical equipment must be secure and free from contamination throughout the shipping process. Also, medical equipment can be pretty expensive, and hospitals that purchase them can be particular about their safety.

The decision to use white glove delivery can help put the mind at rest. It guarantees that trained professionals will handle the shipment with extra care and caution till it gets to the correct location where it is needed.

Home appliances and furniture

There are various reasons a business can choose to rely on white glove delivery for delivering home appliances and furniture. These could be the size of the furniture, the need to assemble, install or configure, and other reasons.

If you're in the furniture business, offering white glove delivery is a great way to attract customers who need help with assembly or installation. These services incur extra charges, but the customer is assured of having experts handling their shipments. Plus, the item will be configured or assembled upon delivery.

Automotive and aviation

Automotive and aviation products are usually large, sensitive, and fragile and would require expert monitoring during shipping. And since business owners have to rely on shipping companies to send these products abroad, the best option is to opt for white glove delivery. The delivery team typically consists of knowledgeable and technical members who understand the product being shipped and how to keep it safe.

How Does White Glove Delivery Service Work?

White glove company offers a wide range of services for customers depending on the services needed. However, they vary between shipping companies, and services provided can include:

1. Inspection

Pre and post-site inspections are part of the white glove delivery services. Inspection is often necessary if the product shipped requires a particular configuration.

2. Protective packaging

With white glove delivery, your package is protected with high quality and standard packaging materials to prevent them from damage. They are also secured from harsh temperature and moisture.

3. Delicate handling

The white-glove service option ensures your package is treated delicately throughout the shipping process. Even drivers and other staff have been trained to handle white glove packages with the best possible care and consideration.

4. Eco-friendly transportation

Companies use eco-friendly and safe transit for white glove delivery to ensure that packages are stored in a clean environment until they get to their destination.

5. Attentive service

Shipping companies employ the use of priority service to handle white glove packages. Packages under this service enjoy safe and quick delivery. You are also guaranteed that a team of professionals is handling your parcel. In addition, you get to make inquiries about your shipment all through the shipping process and access feedback.

6. Product assembly

Some products require on-site dismantling and assembling. For example, if you want to uninstall a particular device and replace it with the one you are shipping - white glove delivery caters to this. With trained professionals at your service, your old device or gadget will be safely uninstalled and replaced by the new one.

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What Are the Benefits of White Glove Delivery Service?

White glove delivery is a service worth it for companies that deal with high-value, fragile and heavy products. With white glove delivery, business owners are assured that their shipments are in good hands. They also get to enjoy these benefits:

Lower chance of damage

If your shipment is delicate and susceptible to damage, white glove delivery can help you allay your fears. Your package is in good hands with standard packaging materials, trained personnel, and temperature-control technology.

Environmentally friendly

White glove shipping is exceptionally eco-friendly. So if you are eco-conscious and want to reduce your carbon footprint, white glove delivery avails you of this. In addition, it employs scheduled delivery which is more environmentally friendly than the traditional shipping methods.

Supply chain solutions

White glove delivery can offer you supply chain solutions depending on the shipping company. These range from cross-border services, inventory management, shipping schedules, and more

What Couriers Offer White Glove Delivery?

The following shipping couriers offer white glove delivery

White glove delivery UPS

UPS offers a range of service options for all shipment types, including lightweight and bulky items with Express Critical. This service is available through inside precision. Inside precision is one of the critical express courier services and offers white glove delivery for high-value merchandise or shipments that require specialized handling and delivery.

The services offered are further specified in the UPS Express Critical Terms and Conditions of Contract. However, the following services apply for packages under white glove delivery:

  • Shipments will be placed, unpacked, and de-skidded
  • packing material debris will be removed and disposed of only if requested at registration.
  • Liability for cargo damage or loss that occurs during shipment preparation,
  • Inside pickup, disassembly, packaging, skidding, crating, storage, inside delivery, unpacking, placement, assembly, installation, or other non-transportation services

White glove delivery with FedEx

FedEx offers white-glove expedited shipping services for customers. Their personnel has been trained and certified to handle sensitive shipments. Also, FedEx's white-glove service guarantees the following:

  • Secure Transportation Solutions
  • Temperature-Control Services
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Special Care in Handling

White-Glove Shipping Services with Easyship

Are you a business owner who deals with delicate products or items that require extra care and attention? Do you constantly worry about your high-value package's safe handling and delivery? Or you want your items installed on delivery. Then white glove delivery might be the option you need to allay your fears.

White glove delivery service ensures that your packages are treated with care and special consideration. At the same time, you enjoy the benefits of trained personnel which gives you peace of mind about your parcel's safety.

To help you through the process, Easyship offers an optimal shipping experience for white glove delivery. Our experienced experts and software have been programmed to help you enjoy an effortless shipping experience. easyship also provides you access to the following features:

  • Shipping Policy Generator: Our shipping policy generator helps merchants and crowdfunding campaigns generate their shipping policy by providing tracking and insurance options
  • Easyship Shipping Rates Calculator: Access high-volume discounts from major couriers. Plus, get instant access to delivery lead times from premium shipping couriers for faster shipping
  • High-Value Shipping Insurance: Easyship offers up to $10,000 shipping insurance for all shipments. This way, customers can have peace of mind when it comes to electronics

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White-Glove Delivery FAQ

Is white glove delivery worth it?

The services of white glove delivery can be worth the consideration, especially for items that require extra attention. it can also be considered for electronics or other products that might require assembling or installation.

What's another word for white glove delivery?

White glove delivery is offered to provide a high level of service for specific products on request. Other words for white glove delivery could be cautious or organized delivery.

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