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Gender Equality in the Workplace: How Easyship is Taking Action

Steve Longo

by Steve Longo

On 2019 M04 26

by Steve Longo

Easyship has repeatedly pressed for progress in fighting gender bias in the workplace and empowering women in logistics not just when it’s convenient, but as part of our company ethos. Gender bias holds everyone back from achieving their full potential, that’s why here at Easyship, we’ve made equality one of our core values.

In honor of International Women’s Day last month, we’ve taken a hard look at the impact of gender bias in the workplace and what we’re doing to empower women in logistics.

On the Basis of Sex: What Do the Stats Say?

Think women have achieved equality in the workplace? Let’s check the facts.

  • Women represented less than 50% of all leaders across 12 industries analyzed, with the portion of women leaders increasing by barely 2% in the last decade.
  • 217 is the amount of years, estimated, to close the economic gap. In other words, women won’t have the same earning and leadership potential as men if current trends continue until 2234!
  • 40% of all women have experienced gender discrimination at work and 23% say they’ve been treated as if they were incompetent simply because of their gender.
  • 64% of women have reported facing microaggressions in the workplace, such as being mistaken for a much junior-level employee or having their judgement or experience questioned unfairly.
  • 62% of women in male-dominated industries have also said that sexual harassment is a problem in their industry.

Though women in the workplace have certainly made progress in recent years, many statistics reveal the struggle to find balanced gender equality in the workplace.

How Easyship is Leading Change in Logistics

Since its founding in 2014, Easyship has pioneered cutting edge, merchant-centric, cross-border solutions for a variety of SMBs around the world. The company’s co-founder, Augustin Ceyrac, and Human Resources Manager, Komal Singh, shared their journey on how Easyship has created an awesome environment for women in tech.

Why do you believe it’s important to fight against workplace gender bias?

Augustin: Since inception, we’ve made it our mission to fight against all biases, especially gender bias. We truly believe that diversity is an infinite source of growth and learning. On gender bias specifically, I strongly believe that having a balance of gender inspires inclusion and makes a locker room/bullying culture less probable, which positively impacts workplace dynamics.

Komal: Women still face a gender bias – especially in the workforce. Despite the best efforts of companies to promote diversity and equality, women still dominate the lower paying administrative ranks while men continue to dominate at the executive level.

What steps do you take to make sure women’s voices are heard and celebrated at Easyship?

Augustin: We’ve made a point to not only write gender equality into our core values, but also to place women in leadership positions. Imposter syndrome is a well-documented issue, many women feel, in male-dominated environments, such as logistics; so growth can only happen if we create a safe space for everyone to voice their ideas, strategies and concerns.

Komal: Here at Easyship, we do not judge any candidate for any role just by the gender. We give equal opportunity to all. We recently celebrated International Women’s Day and educated all of our employees on how they can stop gender bias. We're also educating our employees from time-to-time on how stereotypes work.

What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs and those working in tech?

Augustin: Be loud. Be confident. Be you. Surround yourself with an empowered community that continues to enable your true voice.

Komal: I just want to say before anyone else that we as women must believe in ourselves and in our abilities.Our job is not to prove to the world that we are better than men at anything but to put forward our best selves and grow with opportunities. Technology is not just a man's domain anymore.

In what ways does Easyship encourage and empower working parents?

Komal: Easyship maintains a flexible work environment. Here, it’s important that you work from your home if needed rather than just come to the office everyday. We demonstrate our trust to all our employees to gain their loyalty, which allows us to do less monitoring, as employees are entrusted on their own. We have a strong work-from-home policy overall, which allows all working parents to spend time with their families while they're working.

"Be loud. Be confident. Be you. Surround yourself with an empowered community that continues to enable your true voice."  - Augustin Ceyrac, Co-Founder, Easyship

The fight against workplace bias and the promotion of equality for women in the workplace is far from over, but Easyship is proud to be at the forefront of the movement to empower women in logistics. By holding workshops, codifying gender equality as part of our company foundation and having women in notable leadership positions, we’re taking tangible steps to fight against gender bias in the workplace and ensure women’s voices are heard.


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