Key Points:

  • FedEx Saturday delivery offers reliable pickup and delivery service on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • FedEx Express delivers on Saturdays with additional fees of US$16 per parcel
  • FedEx Home Delivery does not charge extra for Saturday delivery

FedEx is one of the most prominent and renowned global courier companies. Delivering to 220 countries, the courier covers almost every part of the world, including every street address in the US. But a common question about the courier’s services is, “Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday or Sunday?”

According to Statista, FedEx delivered over 6.2 Million packages everyday in 2022. That FedEx is one of the biggest couriers in the world is obvious. The real question is - does FedEx deliver on weekends?

For awhile now, FedEx has delivered for retail giant Amazon on weekends and during the holiday seasons. However, the courier recently declared that from January 2020, it would offer seven-day delivery through its FedEx Ground service.

This service covers the majority of the continental US and will be a year-round offering. The reason for this decision is, to some extent, the ever-increasing demands and pressures of eCommerce customers and tough competition in the shipping industry. With companies like Amazon developing their own in-house delivery services, courier companies are having to up their game to stay relevant.

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Which FedEx Services Deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

FedEx does offer weekend delivery. However, the timings and costs of weekend deliveries differ between the courier’s various services. Amazon and Walmart are competing with courier companies by offering next-day and one-day shipping; FedEx’s weekend delivery services is designed to cater to increasingly demanding online shoppers who want practically immediate delivery.

FedEx Saturday Delivery

FedEx Saturday delivery offers reliable pickup and delivery service on Saturdays. The service offers three dependable shipping options:

  • You can find the nearest staffed FedEx location for pick up on Saturdays. Use the drop off locator to find the closest location that operates on Saturdays. The staff here will help you with packing and shipping your parcel.
  • If your package is already packed and ready to be shipped, then you can drop it using a FedEx Express Dropbox. You can find your nearest Dropbox online with the drop-off locator.
  • Pickup can also be scheduled on Saturday at an additional charge.

FedEx Sunday Deliveries

As a customer, there’s nothing worse than ordering something and having to wait for a business day to have it delivered. To help online retailers offer better delivery options to their customers, FedEx has now started to ship and deliver on Sundays, too. FedEx Sunday delivery hours can be as late as 8 pm, and the service means all cities in the US now have a seven-day delivery service.

Which FedEx Weekend Delivery Service Should I Use?

FedEx Saturday delivery hours depend on the service you opt for. Some of the most popular FedEx weekend delivery services are:

  • FedEx Home Delivery: This service delivers on Saturdays to most residential addresses and doesn’t require extra fees.
  • FedEx Priority: This guarantees overnight delivery between 130pm and 430pm on Saturdays in certain areas of the US.
  • FedEx 2 Day Delivery: For this service, delivery is made by 430pm on Saturdays to most parts of the US.
  • FedEx Same Day: For urgent deliveries, this service will deliver your parcel on the same day - even on Saturdays.
  • FedEx Ground: The peak holiday couldn’t have survived without this service’s Sunday deliveries. Now though, this option will offer Sunday deliveries throughout the year.
  • FedEx Smart Post: This is a smart same-day service to all parts of the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. The service also allows you to hold packages at a FedEx office, World Service Center, or Office Ship Center and pick it up on Saturdays at your convenience.
Courier Service Delivery Hours Delivery Time Live Coverage
FedEx Home Delivery Saturdays 5 Days Global, Residential
FedEx Priority Daily, except Sunday from 130pm-430pm Overnight US, regional restrictions apply
FedEx 2-Day Delivery Daily, except Sunday, before 430pm 2 Days US, regional restrictions apply
FedEx Same Day Daily (as necessary) Next day delivery US only
FedEx Ground Daily 1-5 Days US only
FedEx Smart Post Daily, except Sundays 2-7 Days US only

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What Time Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

As previously mentioned, the time of delivery depends on the service you use for Saturday or Sunday delivery. Usually, Saturday is the delivery day for packages that have been in transit for one, two, or three days. The standard FedEx Saturday delivery hours are from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

FedEx weekend delivery allows pickup and delivery to selected international destinations. You have to select the “Saturday Delivery” option in the FedEx international air waybill. With FedEx Home Delivery Saturday is the standard delivery day.

Does FedEx Charge Extra for Saturday and Sunday Delivery?

  • FedEx Express delivers on Saturdays with additional fees of US$16 per parcel.
  • Home Delivery does not charge extra for Saturday delivery.
  • FedEx First Overnight allows Saturday pickup with extra charges.
  • FedEx Priority Overnight offers Saturday pickup with extra charges and delivery on Saturday by 1:30 pm.
  • FedEx Same-Day City offers pickup on Saturdays or Sundays for US$20; weekend delivery is an additional US$40.
  • US FedEx Express is US$16 per package for pickup.
  • FedEx International allows pickup on Saturday for US$16; delivery is US%16 per shipment.
  • FedEx Freight charges US$210 per package for both pickup and delivery.

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How to Use Weekend Delivery Services with FedEx

The first step is to choose the service that works best for you. If you are a US resident, you can also use the FedEx delivery manager to facilitate timely and flexible deliveries.

This way, the recipient doesn’t risk missing deliveries because you can schedule your dropoff times and receive tracking notifications by email or SMS. Simply register with this service and sign in to check and schedule your deliveries. You can find more details about the delivery options on their website.

You can pick the Saturday delivery options that are available for a handling fee. FedEx Home delivery is the only service that lets you deliver on Saturdays without a fee, while FedEx Same Day delivers 365 days a year. Saturday delivery location holds are available for FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx 2 Day.

To use FedEx weekend delivery, you need to first select the mail class you want to use. Start by picking the service that suits your shipment. For example, do you want same day local delivery or overnight delivery to an address within the US?

Or perhaps you want to send your package internationally, which means you’ll have to send it by Freight or FedEx International First, Ground or Economy. Book the complete shipment and schedule a pickup through the FedEx website. Just create an account (or use your existing one) and follow the easy steps below to book your courier service.

  • Plan your shipment: Decide if you want to pack and label it yourself or if you want the FedEx staff to help you at the dropoff center. For international shipping, make sure you have read and met up to the international shipping regulations.
  • Check your shipment: Make sure you have read the restricted and prohibited items list about your destination
  • Prepare your package: If you have decided to package the parcel yourself, ensure that you have read the FedEx guide for proper packaging to ensure that it is within the courier’s guidelines.
  • Pick your service: Next, you need to pick the delivery service you want. For FedEx Saturday delivery or FedEx weekend delivery, there are many services that you can pick according to destination and timeline of the shipment.
  • Read the terms: Make sure you have read and understood the return shipping solution that FedEx offer.
  • Calculate your costs: The rate calculator will let you get an estimated rate for the cost of your shipment based on your origin and destination, and the weight and volume of your package.
  • Make your labels: You will have to create shipping labels for your shipment. For prepaid labels, you can use the FedEx Manager. You can create multiple shipping labels through your account or you can create a single label.
  • Choose special add-ons: You can choose a special delivery option like location holding or signature on delivery in the next step.
  • Print your label and attach it: Now, print the label and paste it on the parcel so that it is easily readable and the barcode can be scanned easily.
  • Drop off your package: If you want to drop off the package at a drop off location, you can find the closest one through the locator on the website. Or, you can schedule a pickup, too
  • Track your package: FedEx offers very good tracking services. You can see where your package is at every step of the shipping process, especially if you use the Delivery Manager. If not, just enter your tracking number on the FedEx website to locate your parcel.

Plus, if you create a free account with Easyship, you can connect your own courier rates, check pricing, and schedule your pickups all in one place.

Will FedEx Deliver 7 Days a Week?

According to an official statement from the courier, FedEx will start to deliver seven days a week throughout the US. This is slated to begin in January 2020. Prior to this, FedEx only offered this service during the peak holiday season.

However, in light of increasingly fierce competition amongst couriers, FedEx has decided to expand its offerings. It has also decided to bring in the two million packages that were previously handled by the post office to streamline delivery services and make them more efficient.

Another reason for this decision is the ever-increasing demands of eCommerce customers. As customers grow increasingly demanding and want their orders immediately, quick delivery options have become a major requirement for eCommerce businesses. FedEx is responding to this with its seven-day delivery promise.

Give Your Customers More Flexibility with FedEx Weekend Delivery

If you are a business who wants to grow your sales then you must offer your customers flexible, reliable, and affordable shipping solutions. Weekend delivery is becoming much more popular and helps increase sales for eCommerce businesses.

FedEx is one of the top couriers in the world and with its seven-day delivery services, it’s also an obvious choice for eCommerce retailers. Easyship offers flexible and cheap shipping solutions with services from FedEx listed as options.