Key Points:

  • In crowdfunding, fulfillment happens during the completion of a project, when rewards are sent to the project's backers
  • Fulfillment can determine the long term success of any campaign
  • Easyship can power your shipping for your Kickstarter campaign with discounts up to 91% off

Undoubtedly, platforms like Kickstarters have helped many projects and business starters. However, getting the necessary funds to kickstart projects can challenge many business owners. However, Kickstarter allows business owners to meet with a passionate audience willing to buy into various business ideas and fund them. So far, Kickstarter has successfully funded 220,547 projects.

This whole idea of finding backers to fund a business idea or project is the basics of crowdfunding. For every crowdfunding campaign, backers receive rewards shipped to their various locations. However, the problem with Kickstarter fulfillment is that it can be challenging to do, which makes people consider alternative fulfillment options.

One of these options could be to hire Kickstarter fulfillment companies to see fulfillment's success. This blog post contains the vital steps to help you navigate your way by selecting bankable fulfillment companies.

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How Does Kickstarter Fulfillment Work?

Fulfillment can mean a lot of things. It certainly has a different meaning when we discuss supply chain management. In crowdfunding, fulfillment happens during the completion of a project, when rewards are sent to the project's backers.

Usually, fulfillment occurs at the end of a Kickstarter campaign, but early preparation ensures a seamless fulfillment process. Fulfillment also requires a strategic approach to building a healthy relationship between the crowdfunding creators and the backers.

Kickstarter fulfillment companies

While funding can seem to be the most challenging aspect of crowdfunding, it is most likely the least of it. Ideally, most projects can get the needed funds with a great business idea, product, or pitch.

There have been many successful Kickstarter campaigns since its inception. And with numerous crowdfunding campaigns, fulfillment can determine the long-term success of any campaign. Howbeit, you can always focus on salient aspects of the campaign to make fulfillment work efficiently.

  • Always plan your project around fulfillment
  • Research shipping costs
  • Set realistic goals for funding

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Best Tips for Choosing Kickstarter Fulfillment Services

Kickstarter fulfillment involves the whole process of producing and sending rewards to the backers. It is an essential aspect of the overall campaign. For the best crowdfunding fulfillment result, it is advisable to adopt the services of a fulfillment center. Here, we give tips on how to get the best Kickstarter fulfillment services.

Pick a reasonable fulfillment date

In satisfying your backers and fulfilling your rewards, you must ensure they receive their orders at a considerate and reasonable date. Therefore, when the shipment is received in the fulfillment warehouse and sent to backers, it is crucial in crowdfunding fulfillment. This period is referred to as the time-to-fill, and it has to be short. With a good fulfillment service, the time to fill should be no longer than at least three business days, even when dealing with large quantities of orders.

Calculate a reasonable budget

Generally, fulfillment can cost a lot. The best way to avoid additional expenses and bills is to have a working budget. While negotiating with your fulfillment company, you should also ensure that you have a spelled-out contract that specifies each expense.

Hence, there are no hidden charges that you are pressured into paying additional bills. You should also ensure that your fulfillment company has straightforward pricing and payment models that you can always refer to in the case of an emergency.

Check for the reputation of the Kickstarter fulfillment services

While a company will assure you of the best fulfillment services, you must take the time to research the company yourself. You will most likely find all you need to know about a company you're considering using in the reviews.

So, read up reviews about the company on sites like Google, and they will inform your decision. It is also essential that the company has a lot of reviews to prove its authenticity and experience. These reviews should be more positive than negative. Doing this will help you learn about the companies and put your mind at ease.

Seek out fulfillment services with experience in crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not entirely an easy task. From seeking funds to sending packages to backers for the fulfillment, there are a lot of factors that can pose complex challenges for creators. Also, creators, whether first-timers or returning, want to ensure they organize a successful crowdfunding campaign from start to finish.

The best way to achieve this is to engage the services of a fulfillment company. First, however, it is crucial to ensure that the company has a solid background in handling crowdfunding fulfillment with proofs.

Backers are often scattered worldwide, and customs and VAT will be a recurring thing to keep in mind. However, with an experienced company, creators can sit back and let the company oversee Kickstarter reward fulfillment.

Research customs & value-added tax policies

To ship international rewards, you might be required to pay certain customs or VAT duties, which may discourage your international backers. It would help if you did some research to help ensure that your backers are not ladened with outrageous customs when receiving their rewards. Familiarize yourself with the customs policies of the countries of your backers so that you can prepare and inform your backers accordingly. Researching will also help you understand how well you can cut down on bills for yourself and your backers.

Make sure the fulfillment services handle returns well

Many creators do not prepare for returns of Kickstarter orders, which can be a challenge to the success of your crowdfunding campaign. The return policy is one of the factors you should consider when choosing your fulfillment company.

Do they have a working return policy that makes it easy for customers? How well do they handle returns? What do they do with returns? These are questions you can ask your fulfillment company.

You don't want surprises when it comes to returns. You also would not want backlashes from your backers regarding returns, so choose a company that can help you.

Always check your references from Kickstarter fulfillment services

Google reviews are critical in providing information about the company you intend to use for fulfillment. Unfortunately, these reviews can be filled with inadequate information. Ask for references! You will become more secure if you get references from one or two creators who have engaged in the company's services.

Sometimes, real-life experience and referral can be all you need to choose a fulfillment partner for your Kickstarter project.

Choose Easyship as Your Kickstarter Fulfillment Service

So many factors determine the success or failure of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. However, one that can quickly bring down a successful one is fulfillment. Although it can be pretty challenging, a Kickstarter fulfillment company can handle your fulfillment and help you build a strong relationship with your backers.

As a 3PL with experience in crowdfunding campaigns, Easyship can power your shipping for your Kickstarter campaign. Easyship is a trusted name in the global shipping and fulfillment network with shipping experts that can help you plan your shipping strategy ahead of time. You also get access to the following features with Easyship:

  • Easyship Collect: Easyship Collect is the only shipping tool for crowdfunding campaigns. Let backers upgrade shipping, prepay duty, and tax, plus add the shipping insurance with this premium feature
  • Crowdfunding Shipping Calculator: Start planning your next crowdfunding campaign with our crowdfunding calculator
  • Shipping Policy Generator: Our shipping policy generator helps merchants and crowdfunding campaigns generate their shipping policy by providing tracking and insurance

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Kickstarter Fulfillment FAQ

Does Kickstarter do fulfillment?

No, while Kickstarter can help you with crowdfunding campaigns, the responsibility of fulfilling backers' rewards lies with you. Depending on the number of packages you are working with, you can choose to work with a fulfillment partner to make the process easy.

Is Kickstarter fulfillment shipping services free?

Yes, most Kickstarter fulfillment creators charge for shipping before sending out a customer’s item.

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