As we reach the end of another year, we want to share how proud of the progress we’ve made this year and thank you again for joining us on this journey.

This year, we’ve achieved a lot, so read along, and hopefully, you’ll discover some things you may have missed.

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January through March 2021

Easyship has grown immensely in the past year. Check out all the progress we made from January through March 2021.

Ship from multiple addresses

An eCommerce business often needs to run from multiple locations in various parts of the world. Merchants need to be able to quickly ship from these locations. In 2021, Easyship was able to solve this problem for eCommerce businesses.

Visit the “On the Ship” section in the Easyship Dashboard to choose between multiple stored locations on your account. New addresses can be easily saved for future shipments too.

Pro tip: Set up a shipping rule to assist you with shipping from a specific address. You can learn more about this feature in Easyship’s Help Center article

Multi-box shipping for eligible couriers

Easyship’s Multi-Box Feature allows merchants to create a shipment with multiple boxes under the same master shipment.

This feature is only available for Cloud users on the Easyship Premier plan shipping from the following locations: United States, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore. FedEx, UPS, and DHL are the current carriers available for the multi-box feature.

To create a multi-box shipment, first, click on “Create Shipments” on the Easyship Dashboard.

As you can see, there is an overlapping square icon to duplicate the box or the “Add a New Box” button to start from scratch.

Upon clicking on the “Add New Box” button, a second box will appear, and you can add the details for your shipment.

April through June 2021

April through June was another successful quarter for our team. Check out our latest features and progress for this quarter here.

Launched Easyship Collect

Easyship Collect is the most significant innovation to come to crowdfunding in years. This new feature was made exclusively for crowdfunding and allowed backers to upgrade their shipping, prepay duty and tax, and add insurance.

From our data, 84% of backers report fewer customer service issues. Plus, there has been a 46% increase in customer satisfaction, making the Easyship Collect tool the one tool for risk-proof shipping.

New seamless flow for insurance claims

This year, Easyship launched a new insurance portal to help create a frictionless insurance experience for merchants.

Our new insurance portal is the one-stop-shop for shipping insurance and allows merchants to:

  • Eliminate paperwork with upfront data capture
  • Maintain complete visibility of claims status
  • Accelerated claims payout
  • Reduce claims filing to 1 minute

The new insurance portal is free for Easyship users who opt to purchase premium insurance for their shipments. All you have to do is sign up for an account today!

Boost sales with insurance at checkout

Easyship’s Insurance at Checkout is a new Shopify plugin that helps boost conversions and build trust for a better customer experience.

This feature gives buyers the option to add third-party insurance to their order – straight from checkout. Now, buyers can have peace of mind from theft, loss, or damage. Plus, the Shopify plugin is 100% free to install.

Shipping tags for order processing efficiency

Easyship introduced a new way to improve shipping and fulfillment with shipping tags this year. Shipping tags are customized labeled tags on individual shipments to identify, filter, and organize orders.

This new feature also includes benefits, such as:

  • Create useful shipping rules so that you can automate shipping processes based on customized tags
  • Sync tags from your Shopify store with Easyship

Opening of our Toronto office

Easyship expanded our offices to Toronto, Canada! We’re happy to be able to continue to expand our team!

July through September 2021

July through September brought upon new improvements and progress for the Easyship team. Check out all the progress we made in this quarter here.

New UPS shipping options for merchants

Big news! Easyship offers up to 76% off UPS daily rates shipping services. This includes other exclusive discounts for Easyship customers, such as:

  • Up to 50% off UPS Ground shipments
  • Up to 66% for UPS 2nd Day Air services
  • Up to 65% off UPS Next Day Air services
  • Up to 76% off international services

Plus, existing UPS customers gain instant access to Easyship features and benefits like omnichannel shipping management, checkout optimization, automated label generation, and customs paperwork, and a full branded post-purchase experience.

*Discounts off UPS daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from the U.S. only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice.

Increased insurance coverage for merchants

New insurance improvements for Easyship customers were introduced this year. Previously, Easyship offered up to $5,000 of shipping insurance for shipments. Now, we proudly offer up to $10,000 of shipping insurance for Easyship customers.

Plus, we started supporting insurance for laptops and other electronic categories. Now, merchants can have peace of mind for their high-value items.

New integration with Linnworks for shipping management

Simplify your inventory management with this new Easyship integration! Linnworks integrates with Easyship to help harmonize your inventory management. Plus, Linnworks merchants gain access to Easyship features like:

  • Automated label generation
  • Global tracking for all shipments
  • High-volume discounted rates up to 70% off

For details on how to integrate Easyship with Linnworks, check out the full support article or YouTube video.

Easyship now integrates with Google

Easyship now integrates with Google for seamless fulfillment! This new integration allows merchants to pull orders from Google Merchant Center into Easyship to manage all shipping activity in an all-in-one dashboard.

As a Google merchant, you can use Easyship for free for the first 50 shipments each month. Plus, Google merchants can enjoy up to 70% off discounted retail shipping rates.

For more detailed information on how to integrate, read the full support article.

Introducing Lightweight Trackable

Looking to reduce your USPS shipping costs? This year, we launched Lightweight Trackable, a service that is exclusively available to Easyship users.

If a lot of your shipments are light and thin, Lightweight Trackable can be a great option for your eCommerce business. To access these savings instantly, all you need to do is create a free Easyship account.

New Wix integration with Easyship

New integration alert! Easyship was proud to welcome Wix sellers to our platform with direct integration with the Wix platform. Automatically sync orders and generate shipping labels – all from Easyship’s dashboard for all your sales channels.

Plus, gain instant access to high-volume discounts from 250+ couriers. With Easyship, Wix merchants can enhance their brand experience from checkout to delivery with our robust features.

October through December 2021

Another successful peak shipping season for Easyship! Check out all the progress we made this quarter!

Pre-generated return labels for shipments

Easyship welcomed a new feature for easy returns management: Pre-generated return labels. This new feature allows merchants to print USPS domestic return labels for free at the time of outbound shipment generation, but only pay for the label in the case of a return. If a label is used, you’ll save up to 89% on returns labels.

If you have a Premier or Enterprise Easyship plan, you can add on pre-generated return labels in your Easyship account at the time of shipment creation or add a shipping rule to automate the process.

For more information, read the full support article on how to get started.

Introducing Qxpress Same Day for Singapore merchants

Attention all Singapore merchants! Easyship now offers Qxpress Same Day for all your expedited shipments. Plus, enjoy high-volume discounts with Easyship.

New UPS domestic services in Australia

UPS now offers domestic services for Australian merchants. The following services are offered through the Easyship platform include:

  • UPS Express Saver
  • UPS Worldwide Express Saver

Easyship merchants save up to 76% off discounted retail shipping rates for UPS. Sign up for a free Easyship account to gain access to instant savings!

Automatic tracking update emails

Users can now send automated tracking emails to the recipients at certain milestones and checkpoints of a shipment's journey.

Now, users can send a tracking update when the shipment is any of:

  • In Transit
  • Out for Delivery
  • Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt
  • Exception
  • Delivered

This feature is available now for all Easyship users on paid plans. See our support center article for more details.

Easyship Summit in London

Our Easyship team went to London this year for our annual summit. The week was full of seminar meetings, team collaboration, and learning ways how Easyship can grow and revolutionize the eCommerce industry.

The Year Ahead: What’s Happening in 2022

This past year was an excellent year for the Easyship team! Most significantly, this holiday season, we saw no disruptions to clients. We attribute this to our continued investment in security and scalability for our company!

We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store! And of course, we thank you again for the support! We hope you all had a happy holiday with your family and friends, and we look forward to working and growing with you in the new year!

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